The simple Right to Vote from Home here in Texas.

I love convenience and sure, who doesn’t? And until I turned 65, I never knew, I never had any idea of how convenient Mail-in Voting ever could be. It was a wonderfully pleasing experience.

I live in Texas and I want you to know that everybody in Texas who is of Legal Age and a Lawful Citizen and Registers to VOTE should be allowed to VOTE using a Mail-in Ballot.

On three different Occasions, at the Polling Place, I was asked who I was Voting for as I Signed-in to VOTE by the sign-in-person and again by another person. This was at the Polling Location. And they told me How the Republican Candidates were by far the better Choice and the only candidates who should lead Texas.

This creeped me out. And I actually wondered if I’d be put on a Hit List or something by Not Voting for all of the Republican Candidates. But I did feel Violated. And as I walked over to another guy, he whispered the same thing as he gave me my Balloting Number. But how it creeped me out I will never forget. And on the third time, I quit Voting for maybe 10 years. I didn’t know that they could do that to you. But they did.

But that was a long time ago. And now, I pray that these younger Texas Voters can make Voting more Convenient for all Texas Voters who wish to pick their Choices from the privacy of their own homes. And hey, the beautiful thing was that, at home, I could research the Candidates and see how they Voted on Certain Legislations. I didn’t feel rushed. I didn’t feel stressed or violated.

Voting at Home is Real American Freedom and away from those mean prying eyes. That too creeped me out. I’m telling it. The women look at you like you shouldn’t be there like you had a stink on you. Well, I’m yelling you. Every one of my Voting In-Person experiences here in Texas have never been a good one. I always felt very uncomfortable and “rushed” to Vote and get out. To leave. And I know if I felt like that, how are other young Voters gonna feel?

Voting in Texas doesn’t feel natural. It feels completely unnatural. Out of place. Awkward. Strange. But not a happy time for sure.

But I really and sincerely with all my heart believe that Texas needs to allow Voters to VOTE from home. I do. And sadly, more Texas Towns are losing their local Newspapers and this is another reason to research Candidates from home, but a Ballot in hand let’s a Voter become more informed to the names of these Candidates so they can believe they Voted for the Best Candidate. And doing this at Home allows for this.

And I remembered how I yearned to be 65 so I could legally Vote from home. I’m Old, I have physical Issues, blind in one eye, and my wife drives for us. But I now know the beauty and how smart and rational it is to Vote from Home.

Voting from home allows you to Vote because of these reasons-

  1. Convenient. Convenience.
  2. Allows a person to checkout who they are Voting on or for. Many Voters have no idea who is even on the Ballot.
  3. Not exposing you to COVID-19.
  4. You Might be sick on Election Day.
  5. You Might have to be home with a sick child or parent who is fighting Cancer.
  6. There Might be really bad Weather.
  7. You Might not have Transportation.
  8. You are afraid to go to the Polls.
  9. You lost your Voter Card and this worries you.
  10. You lost your Identification and haven’t renewed it yet.
  11. Problem getting away from work.
  12. Work at Night.

I don’t like digging on an Issue, but Voting from home is by far the easiest, most convenient way to VOTE and it should be Allowed for all Texas Citizens who are Registered to legally Vote in Texas.

As Texans. We should want this for the most Robust Outcome of Voting for all Texans. All Texans should and we should always want All Texans to Vote in every Election. It’s our Duty to make it as easy and as convenient for all of us. And nothing is better than from home.

Again, until I Voted from Home because of my Age, I honestly never knew, but I now know the wonderfully convenience of this.

And this must be shared to all fellow Texans. I listed 12 reasons of why we should be Allowed to Vote from our homes. And I pray the younger Texans do fight for this one simple Right to Vote from Home. Voting from home is Real Liberty. It is a feeling of finally being Liberated.