2021 is gonna be A Rough One! But it’s gonna bring Lots of Hope!

Forget all things but How you are going to provide for your family and you. Be strong. Yes, be strong. Out of the many things you might be lured into bothersome THOUGHT, Don’t go there. Do NOT drift from your most Important Things any mom, dad, or any of us must do. Each of us must do all that we can do. And give from your Heart to others less fortunate.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

Needing Help? Let someone know. Don’t Broadcast it on Social Media! Keep it real with Friends and Family. Even your Church Family. Then, if you need to reach Out beyond your own sphere of Influence for HELP, then seek it. Yes, by all means. Don’t curb-crush yourself or your family.

But we are all going to need to get a Covid-19 Vaccine. All of us so that we can hopefully place everyone in a better position to Beat it and get on with Our LIVES.

Getting Back to Normal is gonna be the Biggest Task. But won’t be a quick return…How the World Addresses this Virus will have a Direct Effect on all Countries all over the World.

All of us want normalcy and being able to go to our favorite Places to see a Movie! Sit and feel Safe at a Restaurant. Give out handshakes and hugging the Crap out of our distant Loved Ones.

These are NOT NORMAL Days. This is Our First Pandemic and now, we know how bleak it must have been during past Pandemics in the past History. And there were real Killers back in the Past.


20 of the worst epidemics and pandemics in history

By Owen JarusAll About History

First Published 8 months ago

The above read is very informative. Knowing that we’re not alone, not the 1st to ever experience a PANDEMIC is interesting. And sad. Very sad.

But mankind has always arisen to the occasion and S U R V I V E D! And the greatest numbers of the World Population will too. But how we stand up will be Judged by the ones coming after us. And sure, they’ll say-They got that right, but they Got That Other Completely Wrong! And sure, judging afterwards is always hindsight that we do not completely have.

But with so many great mind working tirelessly, well I’m sure they have spent thousands of very tiring hours, on Medications for all of us makes me feel good about Mankind. We will get by and beat this Virus. How soon, how long will it take? Who knows?

President Trump will always own “Operation Warp Speed” And could be his Best or Greatest Achievement he ever did. No One will ever be able to take that away from His Legacy. His Passing the “1st Stimulus Package” will never be Forgotten either. Both of these are part of His Legacy!

And I do believe there is someone working on a COVID Cure. Yes, The Cure. Someone will figure it out by seeing something no one else saw. Or a way to do something no one thought possible. But I believe it is coming. It will get here.

Now, keep strong. Keep Safe and Keep In a Good Way in Your Thinking!😉 Keep Hope Alive and those Prayers going…always!