Witchcraft! I say again-America’s Fascination with WITCHCRAFT! Here’s a Witch Trial Transcript from 1626!

I’m not talking about WITCHCRAFT in Hollywood Movies. I’m talking about the real deal. And Brother, America has a full head on Witchcraft. Hundreds, Thousands, maybe millions of Books, Articles, and Letters have been written about the Subject of Witchcraft. I’m talking are you up for reading the Trial Transcript on Practicing WITCHCRAFT from 1626?

But that’s usually where it ends. Not much to talk about except it’s part of American Folklore where at HALLOWEEN, amusing tales of Witches and Ghouls coming out and it’s very much Alive! Alive or not, it used to be a Damnable Offense when called out for Practicing Witchcraft!

You Witch YOU! Yes, which costume did you put on? Did you ever dress as a Witch? A Ghoul? Spiderman? Batman? Or nothing at all. But the doorbell would ring and cheering. Squealing children would tell together-Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat? Such an odd thing to yell. 99% gave a Treat of candy and those wonderful Caramel Popcorn Balls. And I’d always ask other Trick or Treaters if anyone was giving them out those delicious candy balls and I’d go straight there to that house before they ran out of them. Boy, were they good. And back when I was a kid, there wasn’t much of any distractions like Cell Phones and Tik-Tok and ZOOM. We made do with very little. We did School and Church and not so much with TV. TV wasn’t much of anything back then. Lots of silly shows. Not many talk shows.

But here now, when did this Witch Thing come all about here in America? How about 1626 in Jamestown. Yep, that’s where the 1st Trial for Practicing Witchcraft took place. Them darn Jamestown Witches! 1626 must have been a strange, hard, difficult time in Jamestown!

In 1626Wright was accused of being the source of property destruction, misfortune, sickness and death at Jamestown. Governor Sir George Yeardley presided as chief justice to weigh whether the accusations warranted additional legal proceedings.


And further sayeth that Dorethie Behethlem asked this Examint why she did suffer good wiefe to be at her howse, saying she was a very bad woman, and was Accompted a witch amoungst all them at Kickotan

But that’s only a glimpse of the Trial still for us to read here in

2020-1626=394 Years Ago!!! WOW!

And if you do READ the Transcript, get ready to try to attempt in reading it as the way they talked back then is not completely close to How We Talk Today.

But do Check the above Site out and read the Transcript. It is entertaining…