America did not get off to any kind of beaming, glorious Beginning. Starvation and many Hardships hit them. But them Hard. But one of the Biggest was the Genocide Attack of March 22,1622.

Jamestown Massacre of March 22. 1622

And on that day, the Indians had the mind to solve their White Man problem or infestation by killing all of these Newcomers.

Kill’em All!

And they almost did just that by killing half of them before the Attack was stopped. But did they Kill. TheSe Indians or Natural Americans or Native Americans were hellbent on killing all of them White Folks. And a complete Massacre almost took place, but it wasn’t the Whites trying to Massacre all of these Original America Landowners, no it was the Indians trying to destroy the White Man. Remove the Whites for all Times. And they wanted all of them Dead, killing man, woman, and child.

And had they accomplished the killing of all these vermin whites, would England have sent an Armada to revenge the Deaths of these Whites? Most likely. But the on and off again Battles between Whites and Indians started a long time ago and I’m thinking no one saw the ending in the beginning-

ResultSovereignty of various combatants extended or lost
Genocide of indigenous tribesdeportation and forced assimilation of indigenous tribes
Many treaties, truces, and armistices made and broken by combatants
Indian reservations established in the United States and Canada

But who cares? Most people are not stopping to read about a past time here in America. In another day. It’s Thanksgiving! And are you going to be thanking the Original Indians for being available to have all that they had taken away for all of THIS TODAY to transpire? To give you all that you got? Had all the Indian Wars not taken place and all of the Indian Killings not taken place, none of us might be here. But Today, there’s not much Land left that people won’t Fight or Die over. Is there?

Today, the Arrows and Bullets are made of Money and Sanctions. Yes, in a strange way, Land is still taken away but it’s thru non-combatant methods. But it still takes place. You could say Inheritance is another way Land goes from one generation to the next. And outrageous behaviors are met with rockets and Bombs. Even a touch of Genocide is put on fools Calling for Death and Destruction upon themselves by their radical Ideologies that approve killing folks by using knives, machetes. Or Car Bombs. Or beheading them all for the call of something that they know better. They do know better. People know better when they behave in a stupid way. They know that they are messing-up when they take to the Dark Side and Kill others, hurt others.

But it must have seemed cool or they were afraid to not Follow. Yes, Following does have a great many followers. Tons of folks follow a single Leader. And gosh. They sure followed some crazies all over the World. And when a Crazy loses POWER, their following swallows-up. And they disappear. But their memory remains in How Crazy some got. When Hitler did all of his stuff, don’t you think that there came a time when others around him realized that-Hey, there is something definitely wrong with this guy?

Others too and the 1st Original Americans did recognize something about these Crazy White Folk that were Homesteading Their Lands.

So, they up and decided to Kill’Em All!

So, this Thanksgiving, remember, their were a ton of sacrifices, ones you and most never like to ponder, but they Still took place paving the way for all of us. For Our Thanksgiving. Sacrifices made just so you and I would be here. Could be here. It’s crazy wild thinking how so many things had to take place just like thousands, maybe millions of things did or none of us would be here today.

Not around for this Thanksgiving 2020! But we are and do Celebrate all of it! It’s what made all of us who we are…all of it had an influence. So, no, it’s not a good way to get upset over our past both good and bad, pretty and ugly…

You were not a participant in the greatest part of the past and you did not, could not influence any of it like a grain of sand in a Desert. But we are here. That back then brought us out to today. It’s like a zillion things had to get done just right, no matter what we, any of us, may think, to get all of us here Today. Don’t go Dull Weed over it.

So, try this and Thank God that you are here and that you are partaking in Thanksgiving 2020 here in America!

Raise your Glasses High and Give Thanks! Enjoy! Do enjoy…