Jack Ma, the Chinese billionaire told Musk that Earth “needs more heroes…improving things every day.” Nothing is closer to the Truth-We do need more HEROES improving things everyday.

WHAT we do everyday will define Tomorrow more than ever before. Everything we do counts. All the Decisions will make a difference. Keeping Tomorrow in our minds now will talk Volumes for tomorrow. For those coming after us.

Our doing right all the time. Doing our Best because we are now AWOKEN that what we do today will have an Action Tomorrow.

How well our Planet greets those behind us does depend on our Choices Today, Tomorrow. next Week. And if all of us will go farther than just making an effort. Forget making an Effort. Be that Change for a Better memory of Us. Live for that Effort, that right Choice. Be Strong and Vigilant in not accepting the routine. Go beyond Today and ask yourself every day-Will My Choice Affect Someone Tomorrow and if so, how can I make my Choice the Right One for them and us today?

Yes, it’s finally come to that Point in Time that all of us must take, must make the Right Choice. Our future fathers, mothers, grandparents are depending on US today.

And it’s not about being a Climate Enthusiast waving a Banner in someone’s face. We’re bigger than that. All of us should have already been on the correct Page without having to see pictures that show things our activities are having on this Planet. It should already have been taught us so that we’ve always been doing the right stuff. For ALWAYS.

Well, ALWAYS is here now. And the time to talk is long gone. We must get on the RIGHT CHOICE every day for all Times.

And if we do, then maybe, just maybe, things like Climate Change and Pictures of it won’t be happening anymore because WE FIXED IT!