Why play with Fire?


One thing I’ve seen in my Lifetime is that if you want to end up DEAD, just make Caricatures of Muhammad. And there have been writers and Teachers who have met with Violent. Untimely Deaths.

These sort of actions come mostly in the UK or European Nations. Right now, France is getting Hammered.

And if you didn’t read the Stories all over the Internet, you should. They are sending in SWAT TEAMS into homes of 10 year old children for “Defending Terrorism”.

Most of us do not understand the intense scale of Learning, memorizing the Koran is and what a solid mindset this instills in MUSLIMS. It’s not something to Joke About. Their briefs are worth Dying over. And that is how they see any attacks upon Muhammad. They have many who would Kill you if you Caricature Muhammad!

So, just let it alone. No one likes having anyone making fun of their Religion or what they Belief. Here in America, they draw funny caricatures of both God and Jesus all the time. And we know it’s just a joke. Not an attack on any religion or members supporting that Religion. We rationalize the humor, might not like it, but we know how it was intended and most only laugh at it. We don’t get blood seeking in our eyes and go seek the artist to kill them.

But don’t play with Muhammad in any kind of way. Muslims are that profound in this. Enough said…