Netherland Genes inherited 60,000 years Ago makes some individuals more Vulnerable to Severe COVID Illness!

Got your DNA done already? And if so. Do you have certain ones in your body from the Netherlands/Neanderthals? From 60,000 years ago? One Article I read says these genes could mean your Covid-19 Illness may be SEVERE!

Do you carry Genes from the Netherlands in your body? Well, it seems that if you got certain ones. Then you have a higher risk of a severe COVID Illness!

Here’s an exert from the Article below-

But Dr. Zeberg said that the 60,000-year journey of this chunk of DNA in our species might help explain why it’s so dangerous today.

“Its evolutionary history may give us some clues,” Dr. Zeberg said.

“This interbreeding effect that happened 60,000 years ago is still having an impact today,” said Joshua Akey, a geneticist at Princeton University who was not involved in the new study.

This piece of the genome, which spans six genes on Chromosome 3, has had a puzzling journey through human history, the study found. The variant is now common in Bangladesh, where 63 percent of people carry at least one copy. Across all of South Asia, almost one-third of people have inherited the segment.

I think this is fantastic work being done on Gene Studies! We all want the Answers!

Found: genes that sway the course of the coronavirus

By Jocelyn Kaiser

Oct. 13, 2020 , 1:25 PM

Science’s COVID-19 reporting is supported by the Pulitzer Center and the Heising-Simons Foundation.

The new study confirmed the chromosome 3 region’s involvement. And because 74% of its patients were so sick that they needed invasive ventilation, it had the statistical strength to reveal other markers, elsewhere in the genome, linked to severe COVID-19. One find is a gene called IFNAR2 that codes for a cell receptor for interferon, a powerful molecular messenger that rallies the immune defenses when a virus invades a cell. A variant of IFNAR2 found in one in four Europeans raised the risk of severe COVID-19 by 30%. Baillie says the IFNAR2 hit is “entirely complementary” to a finding reported in Science last month: very rare mutations that disable IFNAR2 and seven other interferon genes may explain about 4% of severe
COVID-19 cases
. Both studies raise hopes for ongoing trials of interferons as a COVID-19 treatment.

More and more Articles are now appearing after so much more, many more dedicated work by hard-working Professionals. This is very interesting News. Great Research by Great Professionals!