Holiday Season 2020 could prove to be Our Deadliest!

Really? Yes, it could be. People are going to be coming together during the two BIGGEST HOLIDAYS in the nearing days ahead. And all of us are hellbent on seeing our friends and families. And friends, it will come back upon us with a Vengeance. Yes, it will.

We are still in a PANDEMIC! And we’ve lost our Will to Fight this Virus?

And let’s jump back to look at what another Country did before this Virus went full blown killer. China! Yes, China! And on the biggest Holiday that they had where families come together, THEY CANCELLED IT! THEY FORBID IT!

China Canceled Beijing’s Lunar New Year Celebrations to Try to Stop the New Coronavirus From Spreading in 2019!

And will that happen here?

No, but come January 2021, Our Country may pay a heavy price. It’s going to possibly be a very dark time in American History. The number of infections and Deaths per day could reach three to six times what it is today. Reaching nearly 200,000 infections and 2000 Deaths already.

Well, come January, are we all ready for such a huge jump in Covid Cases and Deaths? Six times as many? Up to 1.2 million Cases per day and 12,000 Deaths?

Regeron And Lilly has a new Emergency Approved Drug that hopefully will help with preventing the Deaths. But it’s not a cure-all. Not going to be. Not going to be.

Everyone is acting like they already got a Vaccine. But our Driven-Desire. Our Human need to see family may overlook the bigger issue. And sure. That’s how far a whole lot of us are willing to go?

Many are still saying Mask Wearing and these COVID Deaths and Hospitalizations are all FAKE NEWS.

I think they are real. The entire World knows COVID-19 is all too Real except here in America. It’s real everywhere, but not here in America. COVID-19 is NOT real only in America. Why does the World believe COVID-19 is real, but not here?

It’s sort of an oddity. Real everywhere, but not here. Kinda like saying Flu is real everywhere else, but not here. Flu Kills. But the Fake Covid-19 does NOT?

I just don’t know. But sure, everyone is very tired of worrying about this Virus. We want to see our Families. We want to see the ones that we LOVE. And might turn out to be the Last Holidays with them for some. I’m not your Judge of what you do. And I don’t need you to judge me.

Self-Isolating stinks. My wife and I have been doing this since March. It is boring. It’s everything Not Cool. But we do enjoy living and we’re trying to postpone our Deaths off as long as we can. And it’s sad seeing families having lost members to this Virus and those that have lost multiple members of their family. That’s a sad road for sure. We had already planned a trip to El Paso, Texas to see a most cherished and treasured patriarch of our Family, but Covid still has us locked-in. A person dearly loved.. Not being able to go hurts…time is precious I keep telling everyone. Leave a happiness to others is very important.

No one will get Covid if you DON’T EXPOSE yourselves to COVID!

I’m taking my time more in my Prayers Now always praying for every one. For All of us. And I’m planning on seeing a whole bunch of you on the other side one day. Or I’ll be waving down to you…and asking, How’s Hell these days? I’m thinking a lot of people only transport themselves from one Hell they created here for themselves to their next Hell in the afterlife. I AVOID engaging with those types…I don’t want no part of their Hell here or there.

Don’t get Mad! Take your Madness to Prayers and Ask God to remove them…