Armored Command-1961 WWII Movie is a good Watch.

Talk about a young Burt Reynolds. Well, here’s a very early performance by the young Actor, Burt Reynolds. Well, this is one Movie that didn’t get great Reviews, but if you’ll look at it for what it is. And that’s a Movie telling a strong story about a War that cost the World her good feeling. This is a Soldier’s tale, a War Tale, and a tale about utter deception from WWII SPIES! And a Spy living right amongst your Ranks. And she is so alluring. Yes, our Gilligan’s Island movie star-Ginger! Yes, she’s the beautiful Spy who is a trusted Spy for the German War Machine. And she is living right there in among the American Soldiers. And such trickery to get her in among the American Troops is amazing. But check it out. It’s an Okay WWII WAR MOVIE!

Armored Command is a 1961 American war drama film directed by Byron Haskin and starring Howard Keel and Tina Louise. It was filmed in Hohenfels, Bavaria, but takes place in the Vosges Mountains during the Southern France campaign.[1]

Armored Command
Original film poster
Directed byByron Haskin
Produced byRon W. Alcorn
Written byR.W. Alcorn
StarringHoward Keel
CinematographyErnest Haller
Allied Artists
Distributed byWarner Bros-Pathe
Release dateJuly 9, 1961
Running time99 min.
CountryUnited States

“It was the one picture that Howard Keel didn’t sing on”, reminisced Burt Reynolds later. “That was a terrible mistake.”[2]


The Germans use a female spy to infiltrate an American position to get information on the movement of troops at the height of the Ardennes offensive.


Major General Daniel H. Hudelson (retired), who commanded the 40th California National Guard in Korea and fought in the Battle of the Bulge, sued Allied Artists and Ronald Alcorn for $350,000 alleging unauthorised use of his story ideas. He claimed in 1955 he sent a tape recording of his experiences in the Vosges Mountains in France to a film company, and said they used his ideas in the film. He claimed the film had earned profits of $1.5 million.[7][8]