Pride-Up Everybody! Throw Self-Pity Away!

Im sorry, but folks, it’s time to Pride-Up now and take a good look at ourselves. And what do you see? Are you now a good person or much more evil or simply put-You are a meaner person than ever before?

And until you do Pride-Up, you’ll never know all the beauty still surrounding you. You’re either loved or hated. Liked or disliked. People want to talk to you, visit you, Call you or stay completely away from you.

And this Virus has taken a part of our Joy away, but don’t excuse it for taking away all of your Joy away. How you allowed the Virus Scene to interfere with your own Life is what has changed you. And it’s time to drop all the negativity that you are putting into your head. If you want to ever Pride-Up again in your life, you have to do a do-over on yourself. If you Love, I mean really love someone, you must continue to show it. Gotta give Love to get LOVE.

And you are not alone. You are not alone. Most of us have loving arms always hugging us every day. But we don’t stop to think about what Love is in our Lives.

If not able to get out, are you getting Calls? Care Packages? If so, you are Loved! Not everyone can say that.

I met a lot of people behind Prison Bars that have No One in their LIVES. No one. They call no one, no letters they ever receive.

Today, I read this from Stars and Stripes military magazine on Twitter-

Among Texas families who indicated they were experiencing a lack of food, 46.6% were active duty families, 28.4% were veteran families and 14.8% were military retiree families. Most respondents were from the Army.

But. When I see the pictures of very long. Miles long lines of cars and trucks waiting to get Food, that stuff is a S O L I D! SOLID? That stuff don’t Lie! That stuff is Real!

And I remember a man years ago telling me he went to several different Food Lines getting Free Food. free food? I asked him why he was doing that when he was not needing it. He had two full-time Jobs and he was Money Crazy. Money and chasing Money was on his mind. And I told him God was going to punish him. And God did. He got Cancer and he’s DEAD. it took three weeks before they buried him. He spent all his Life chasing Money and Not doing right with own family. He overlooked his own family that no one cared to bury him. They were money consumed too.

Get your own in life in line and that’s it. Don’t excuse yourself to JUDGE anyone but yourself and if you haven’t woken-up, please do. Right now. Today may be your Last time on earth and How much of it is going to be spent on good things? Doing Good? Talking good, walking in a good Life?

Every second we are alive is a very precious moment in time. We are not here by accident. Our every single second of Life is a precious gift given to each of us from God. And so many of us will waste a ton of them today, tomorrow, and in our lives.

Well, Sir. Well, Ma’am. It’s time to Pride-Up and make the remainder of your life count for something. For a cause far greater than any of us. What cause?

How about the “Cause of Goodness”. Your Goodness. My Goodness. Our Goodness.

And if you will ask yourself-What good am I going to do today? And decide and do that goodness!

It’s all part of the New You from now on. No, if you truly PRIDE-UP, this means being greater than yourself in all that you do. If you can, Call a Food Bank and ask if there is anything you can do?

They may need Money to buy Groceries. They may need you to help fill boxes. They may need you to help in ways that yes you can help too. Regardless of age and ability. And if you or your Family need Food, go to a local Food Bank and get some. Don’t be ashamed.

People who have never hit Hard Times don’t know how much you have when you get off the Streets. When you find food when you had none. But I promise you, people will learn to survive on very little. Don’t get upset on what you don’t have.

When you Retire, this is when you Find out if you took the time to Plan your own EXIT PLAN!

Can you Retire? And before you do, I’m talking years before you do, please read Literature on Retirement. And you need to ask yourself-Can I Retire?

I remember one that said if you cannot or do not have 75% of what you were making coming in after you Retire. Then NO! You cannot Retire. But what can you do to Fix that?

Most people have some Savings. But very few have enough to Retire on by Savings alone. So, do you expect to work forever?

I’ve seen too many people who were Old and they were Bitter People. They had No Retirement but Social Security. And that’s not nearly as much as you think.

One of the biggest things people miss is that their Social Security Payments, although small, are TAXED! Yes, you have to pay Tax on this too unless you just Dirt poor. And Dirt Poor is Okay.

Living super cheap might include a small Travel Trailer, easy pay Trailer Park, and Just YOU. Add others like a wife and the Costs go up. And Property Taxes NEVER go away. If you got a decent home that you own in Texas, then you are going to have to set aside $200-400 a month for the yearly Taxes. Property Insurance NEVER goes away. Own your own home and Drop this and you are asking for problems.

Retirement Living is not as Fun as people make it out to be. A lot of Old people become Bitter in Retirement because they find out that they didn’t plan it out. Your Health won’t be on your side any longer either. And many haven’t planned on having to pay $200-800 a month on Keep Them Alive Drugs. Medical Problems grow and grow the Older we go.

So, enough said on Retirement. But please Plan for the day you can’t or don’t want to WORK any longer. And if you plan well. You should be good on the money and…the rest, you’ll find out for yourself. But PLEASE, don’t race to Retirement because when you’re in it, you’ll be Okay, not so okay, or bitterly Hate it. Little money and too old to get a 2nd job translates into an unhappy time.

So now, remember how to be a good person and if your good person has gone astray, Wake YOUR GOOD YOU BACK UP and PRIDE-UP! and once you have, do not allow yourself to REGRESS to less than being good ever again. This is so very hard to do during a Pandemic. But still it is Doable! Today, I took the time to write on Good and not the negativity in the World. There’s too much of that going on right now. It’s been going on for so long that most of us are SCREAMING for Goodness again. But it starts with each one of us. None of us can wait any longer for the other person to be good. All of us must return to Good and Goodness in a Pandemic.

And when you’re Happy, the World around you is too. Happiness is the most addicting thing in life and loves partners and friends. Be happy and the World will be eating out of your hands…