Hottest Topics for 2021? Did Yours Make the List?

What’s going to be the Hottest Topics for 2021? Well, let’s use some of that Common Sense and see if we can’t figure out what’s going to be Hot for 2021. And it’s not going to be hard to do for us here in America. And sure. Let’s do not one List, but two. One for Domestic and the other for Foreign.

Okay, let’s try our Domestic List First-

  1. Getting the Pandemic under C O N T R O L!
  2. Getting those Vaccines out to everyone!
  3. Getting Our Economy back and running strong again. That’s easy! If and when we get the Pandemic under Control, the rest will logically follow. Not a Secret. One will follow the other.
  4. Get the Schools up and running again where Students and Teachers and Parents feel Safe about them again.
  5. Actually addressing Social Injustices.
  6. Immigration Reform.
  7. Make Puerto Rico a STATE! This Territory of the United States has repeatedly asked to become a STATE and the GOP in the U.S. Senate has said-Hell No! This is not fair to them. But who cares? Do you?
  8. Bringing the Country back together so Trump Supporters no longer see Democrats as “Blood Sucking Child Molestors” ( where did this come from? Q’Anon! ). Government must be re-fixed so No Party ever Attacks the other side like Trump did while he was in Office causing so such unneeded and unnecessary unrest and division. We are all still Americans and must be respectful of the other side’s personal feelings. Be respectful of each other. Regain our manners.
  9. Reversing Trump Executive Orders found to be unrealistic or unconstitutional.
  11. Our Border.

Now comes the Foreign List-

  1. IRAN!
  3. RUSSIA!
  4. CHINA!
  8. IRAQ!
  9. NATO!
  10. WHO!
  12. Rebuild Our Relationships with Our Allies.
  13. Climate Change.
  14. Rejoin Asia Pack.
  15. Redo Nuclear Weapons Treaties.

And it’s a Card Shuffle as to which one becomes the biggest Issues presenting America and her Allies with the biggest sets of Problems. Yes. Our World is Our Backyard and we, no matter how you dice it up, are the ones always called upon to fix Major Issues. But which one will garnish the Greatest Amount of our Attention and Resources? North Korea is Past our helping. Kim will be launching rockets with a greater degree of accuracy. And as far as I’m concerned, if the foolish man keeps toiling with America, he will one day mess up and cause the American Public to say-Enough is Enough. And a lot of what we think will be How much ATTENTION the Media worries about which things. It’s not us, it’s how much WORRY the MEDIA gives any one Subject. A simple Story can have electrifying results if it’s Headline and Story is written Just Right to Call all our Worry out of 🇺🇸.

But, it’s just going to be lots more of what it has been and its going to be a lot more of some more things because their won’t be the Daily Trump News Show or will it? No, I’m not saying nothing, but it’s been an almost daily News Story about Trump every single day for the last four years. And I’ve asked-Where is the Real News? And I’m been wondering what News will be coming out after Trump. News Post-Trump Era?

Putin, Kim, Hong Kong, and Terrorists are going to be still be wanting their share of the Media-limelight.

But it will be here sooner than later. Gonna be here quick.

America must refocus on Our real Roles here Domestically and around the World. There is a ton of Issues and the American People will now have a say again in what we deal with and not let only one man decide for all of 🇺🇸. We have a Congress, PUT THEM TO WORK and out of their Yachts…