Controversial Tax avoidance scheme known as debt parking…read it for yourself

Debt Parking?

Debt parking, as described by Hempton, is when a person in debt gets a separate party — whether that’s a person or a new entity — to buy the debt from the current creditor. The party then sits on the debt and never forces the person with the debt to pay.

…when someone denies something, well, maybe that’s when they need to be completely checked on it…

President Donald Trump again firmly denied Thursday that he has any financial links to Russia.

In an exclusive NBC News interview, Trump said he had a private law firm send a letter to Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham , who is known for complete honesty, of South Carolina asserting that he has “nothing to do with Russia.” 

So, a Letter from a Law Firm that the Firm sent to Sen. Graham proves nothing involving Russia ever took place. This Letter sent completely proves nothing happened.

…Deutsche Bank, one of the few banks still willing to lend money to the man who has called himself “The King of Debt.”

One Wild Read!

Deutsche Bank plans to cut ties with Trump after the election and could seize his assets if he can’t pay back his debts, Reuters reports

This Bank’s chummy relationship with Trump appears very much over NOW. After January 21, 2021, this Bank is going to be coming after its money from Trump and Company? Investors are now turning a weary eye on where their monies have been going?

The German lender Deutsche Bank is seeking to cut ties with President Donald Trump after the election, three senior officials at the bank told Reuters on Tuesday.

Deutsche Bank could seek to sell or demand repayment of about $340 million in outstanding loans to the Trump Organization, the report said.

Deutsche Bank is aiming to end any financial ties to President Trump after the United States elections due to negative attention the bank has received as a result of the relationship, Reuters reported Tuesday

Three senior bank officials with direct knowledge of the situation told Reuters that while the German multinational investment bank has been reevaluating its financial relationship with Trump for years, recent congressional and other investigations that have pulled the bank into Trump’s affairs and alleged Russia connections have given new urgency to concerns from bank officials. 

One senior executive reportedly told Reuters that the new attention is seen by the bank as “serious collateral damage” from the relationship, making it an unwelcome distraction for the bank, according to three officials. 

With the millions being sent for his Legal Fund by Supporters, he’ll have no problem paying this money back. Right?

Ivanka Trump slams NY Democrats as ‘100% motivated by politics, publicity and rage’ after State AG begins probe into Trump Organization write-offs – including a $748K consulting fee Ivanka received 

It’s strange getting to see part of the money making that goes on behind closed doors for Billionaires.. Millions in Loans. $!$$$!$$$!$$$!