Stop Worrying About Things You CANNOT CONTROL!


Since where and when did you come up with the idea that you are the Sole Thinker for the Rest of the World? Are you a CONTROL FREAK always controlling what others do? And if you see or read something that you don’t Like- BAM! You turn into a “KAREN” You big ole Karen you! Do you Enlist others in your Karen ATTACKS?

And if that’s you? Stop it. Don’t go where YOU KNOW YOU DON’T LIKE A PERSON. You feel pissy, so you gonna piss on them. You feel shitty, so you gonna shit on someone. You’re upset about something and so, you want to UPSET someone else. QUIT IT! STOP IT!

Go to places where things are ONLY what you want them to be. Your Opinion ONLY Rules! But…


Too. And if you don’t like someone’s Opinion, most likely, they DO NOT LIKE yours either.

Let it go. Who or what got you pissed-off Today? Did you WAKE-UP all growling at the World?

What turned you into a Karen today? Going to Blogs just to find some reason to piss on them?

People love YOU! Don’t HURT the ones who Love You! Don’t shit or piss on them. And if you’ve got the Blues, well guess what, the whole World gets the Blues too.

But, are you looking for a fight because you are so Unhappy? Your own Life sucks. But do what I do.

Okay, I’m an Adult, you are too as long as you don’t turn into a Karen, and I AVOID known places that I know have an Opinion or Opinions that I Do not AGREE with. So, I stay away from them! Think about things that make you Happy.

And I quit writing COMMENTS or Contacting People because afterwards, I realized how much of a “KAREN” I’d become. Is this you too? Karens are the ones who usually do Contact Messages from CONTACT INFORMATION PAGES or Comments. And they can be quite Karen-Like in their awkward words obviously exhibiting their hatreds. Yes, Open Hatreds. Words without thoughts to the Heavens often fly…

Karens on the Internet are Trollers! They look for stuff to piss on or shit on. They don’t care about nothing but themselves and how they can PISS YOU OFF! Their Life has become a Small shitty little world.

But most times, it’s always them looking for a fight because they are pissed-off about their own Situations. They are Trapped in a World closing in on them.

And a lot of them Drink or USE drugs.

But I’m telling any Karen to seek Jesus and Stop Drinking. Stop using Drugs.

Most Who do not fully know Christ live a Life from Childhood up without ever going to Church.

Start going to Church. Get the Help you need. It’s okay.