Plea to nation from doctors fighting COVID-19: #GetMePPE

Plea to nation from doctors fighting COVID-19: #GetMePPE

Many are very worried about finding a Mask to USE for themselves and their Kids. But what happens when Doctors and Nurses are SCREAMING for them and PPE and they still can’t get any? Or as many as they need?

Where’s the Breakdown in the Supply Line?

Where are they being Stored?

And I’ve talked to Nurses and they have told me that they have been using the same Masks since August. I wrote about this already and it still is a Fact.

When I 1st bought Masks it took six weeks to get them. That was months ago and they stunk. Sorry Grade Masks. But that’s all we got. Sorry cheap Mask where Ear holders break easily.

But last Week, I PAID $50 for a Box of 50 of good quality for my grandkids to use. And they got them in three days.

And I’ve heard stories like this from actual Nurses myself.

This is sad…yet, States had millions in storage for schools? They got them, and the tales continue to be told.

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