These keep rambling in my brain…maybe yours too.

I’ve been sending this out to Big Pharma and no answers back yet…


I have a few questions for you and I think readers, like even me might like to know too. Maybe you can find these Answers.

1.  On Both COVID-19 Vaccines, they are 95% Okay.  Meaning 5% got COVID-19.  Okay.  But How badly were these COVID-19 Infections in these 5% that got COVID-19 and had received these COVID-19 Vaccines?

2.  With a 2nd Shot of either of these COVID-19 Vaccines, there was a “100%” Robust development of Antibodies.  If this is true, the Antibodies Route does not appear to be the Best Approach.  Does a 2nd “something else” need to be Added to them to get to 100% Protection?

3.  Exactly how Quickly do these Antibodies dissipate after each COVID-19 Vaccine after taking both Shots? 

4.  At what Level of Antibodies does the COVID-19 Vaccine Protection End?5.  How quickly would we need to take these COVID-19 Vaccines again?

I’m very worried that we are all going to be Test Subjects when we get these Shots because We are NOT all Healthy Test Subjects.  I got Polio from the POLIO Vaccine and I still have nightmares about those Iron Lungs in the hospital from back in the early 60’s.

Respectfully Yours,


Well, the above has been sent. I’m just waiting for responses…

Just mention Vaccine and you got my full, complete attention.

We, all of us, are hoping for the Best. But for me, loss of leg use still cannot be forgotten. We are one Fat Population with tons of extra medical Issues!

I’m going to take a COVID-19 Vaccine. But I’m sure going to make sure I pick the one I want to take and not one shoved down my throat. Will you?