Two Things will Win the 2024 Election for President Trump!

Before President Trump leaves Office, he can GUARANTEE his Re-Election in 2024 by doing two Things right NOW!

  1. Order the Heroes Act Passed!. He will be remembered for this Jump across Partisanship for the Betterment of the American PEOPLE.
  2. Legalize Marijuana! NATIONWIDE! Again, there has been Way too many imprisoned by Race over Weed. Pass Possession of two Lids Of Weed Legal! The Votes he needs to WIN in 2024, he would Gain! By this and the No.1 Issue!


  1. Pardon Joe Exotic! Tiger King FREED! People will find this as good Bull and won’t forget it.

Sometimes Old People can’t find their Nose or their Ass because of their Egos. And I’m Old and I can say that. Drop the not Conceding B.S.

Do these little things and YOU WILL WIN!

President Trump needs to pickup millions of Voters in 2024. And to find them? It’s quite easy and it is just as I wrote above. It’s very Doable!