Is “Artificial Intelligence” attempting to TERMINATE America?

But when people don’t want Democracy? You must want Stalinism instead? These Alternate-Realities are being believed by millions…and all of us know better. Many find all of this very funny. Cute even. But how close are we to a Pre-Nazi takeover? Isn’t…Aren’t we…? Let’s look-

Germany 1933: From democracy to dictatorship

In 1933, Hitler came to power and turned Germany into a dictatorship. How did the Nazi party come to power and how did Hitler manage to eliminate his opponents?

I’m taking out a few words in the following about Adolf and see how eerily similar they are to us today?

In November…even led a coup attempt. It was a complete failure…ended up behind bars and the court banned… From then on, the…were to stick to the law and…gain power by means of elections….benefited from the economic crisis that began by the…?

Sound odd, or like today or what is going on now? It’s what actually happened in Germany and paved the way for Hitler’s Dictatorship!

In addition, …’s image as a strong leader appealed to people.

  1. Create Discord.
  2. Attempt a Coup.
  3. Get Re-Re-Elected and create a hidden what? A Dictatorship?

Are people feeling so weak that they attempt to foster their bravery in what they know is not a Truth? In false Hope? But what has actually caused our division? Our being Upset?

It’s easy saying stuff that everyone knows will upset you, me, or anyone. But the What is Fueling all of this Madness cannot be simply man driven. It’s all being driven by Super Thinkers plugged into Mainstream America via All Social Media Inputs and the Media too. It’s Feeding everyone and keep reading. It’s not what you think. It’s the Why YOU are Upset.

As I watched 60 Minutes and millions of others did too. What did you see? What did you hear? Did Obama’s being a Black Man offend you? His being BLACK and a past United States President Offend you?

But were there hidden stuff placed in your mind?

Well, does it matter? But more importantly, you and I and all of us know better when we see a man now in that Highest Office who is someone I’d never have at my own Home. And don’t jump on me. You say all he does is Okay with you? You say now, knowing that Biden Legitimately Won the ELECTION, yet you approve His Team or the new Man not being given the things routinely passed along to the incoming President and his Team to hopefully prevent a National Crisis from taking place?

Get your Head out of the Voter Fraud B.S. But how many times has Voter Fraud been beaten into Our Brains and from WHO? Or what? It’s not human that’s twisting everyone’s minds.

Do you think Biden should be given the White House Keys and nothing more than more of-You Stole the Election from me all the way to the actual Inauguration? And all Republicans withholding Support? What does this Say? That they would. That they are willing to Keep Trump in Office NO MATTER WHAT! Or something else?

Or do they all F E A R him or His Ultra-Supporters? Being afraid might be correct or afraid of Super Supporters that they have no idea how far right that they are capable of going?

And some are trying so desperately to move 🇺🇸 into another Civil War. With Civil War Talk. Well, one man doesn’t care by what means must take place to keep him in Office. But on a Ship, isn’t that called Mutiny?

Are you ready? Really ready to put 🇺🇸 in another Civil War? How come? What exactly has gotten you so angry that you’re ready to Go to War here in America? Are you that upset? Are you in War Shape? Months of Supplies? Tons of Ammo? Tons of Gasoline for a Generator? Got lots of batteries? Things that run on DC? A year supply of water? What got you to thinking such ridiculous thoughts?

Physically, 97% of Americans are not in War Shape. You know where your tires are shot out and you have to run five miles or more. Oh my. You weren’t counting on that. And you got a Doctor you can ride your horse to? Oh no. No horse or wagons? And you want a War? And you got to where your mind is because all of us have been researched. Searched. And fed our itty-bitty food bites via the What We See and Hear. But it’s not put together by any Humans.

And sixty neighbors come to your door begging for flour or rice or anything you got to eat. And forget money. That shit won’t buy you nothing. And so, you produce your own currency? What? Sticks? You gonna be trading in Bubble Gum?

Impeding the Next President is a Real Conspiracy! Not Conspiracy Theory! Real Conspiracy going on right now. There is no large scale Voter Fraud.

Power Over People has got to end. But how focused are you on this and how did you get here? No human brought you here. Something that is getting out of C O N T R O L.

But if we DON’T have responsible respected Elected Officials. What’s the Alternative? We know the answer. We are seeing it. But there is a Secret going on…yes, there is…

And How did we get to this point? Exactly how? Was Social Media being run to send us stuff so that we see that which would help Divide US?

You say no. No way! But let me point one Thing, one example, out to YOU. And this most likely is the Miserable TRUTH! For 99% of our Division.

You go Online looking to buy something. Then for The next three weeks, Advertisements on that very Subject keep popping up. Random? Or is it because A.I. knows what you are doing and it knows what you are thinking by what you are writing.

A.I. may very well be what has Divided America! A.I. And don’t say No.

A real hidden TERMINATOR working on all of us.

Right now, the big Computers are talking to each other is a language that even we DON’T know what they are saying. They only know one thing-Identify the Problem. Solve it.

To them and to this World, PEOPLE are the Problems.



Now, think back how many times News Reports are put in Your Face cause A.I

is trying to

Fix a



And still, you can’t believe it.

And you thought all of this was going one way when all I wanted you to see is that all of us have been Set-Up! I don’t care who you Voted for. That was your Choice! I’m happy you Voted. I’m okay with you and what happened to all of us being Okay with each other?

But now, I do firmly believe that the only one real answer as to why we may feel DIVIDED is Artificial Intelligence. And now, there is strong Evidence that A.I. put this Division and Divided Thinking into our Minds because it is trying to Solve a Problem-All of US are the Problem for A.I.

A.I. is Trying to TERMINATE 🇺🇸!