Which Generation CAUSED the Greatest Amount of Global Warming?

Do these Global Warming Maps prove which certain Time Periods Prove Which Generation CAUSED the Greatest Amount of Global Warming? Warming that only added to the Way it is now?

Who shares the Greatest Amount of GUILT?

Create your Own Maps and see if you can find who caused all of this-


But here, Let’s look at what Mt. St. Helens Volcano Eruption caused in 1980 and beyond? Here are a few Global Maps of 1980 and then many others-

But which Time Period was the Most Heat Destructive of All?

But here’s another interesting find-The following Global Maps show the Fires causing Global Heating from those in California and when the Fires in the Amazon were raging also-WOW!

Mother Nature or Mankind? Volcanic Eruptions? Fires? Our Gases?