No one wanted to see anyone Sheltering In Place Again. All over the World, we are in it again, but in a more Ugly way than before…and getting uglier.

But we are here in it all OVER again and it’s just starting to cause Countries, States, Territories, and Cities to ask their Citizens to lend a hand in controlling the Spread of Covid19. I know, I know, I know. All of us know what Binge TV Watching, Book Binge Reading is all about. We already did it once. But! Skip TV this Time. Test your mind again. Take a different direction and explore a Book with me. From me. From me to you. My greatest Gift to mankind…A Panther’s Father.

And what do you want to read? Try this very long book. Your First 560-page Novel? And all of us need a Challenge during a Pandemic. This Book is beautiful, fulfilling and rewarding and will take you to many Places. And, It will fix you in ways you never thought possible. It’s a whole lot of Fiction blended in with Truth. Even the L.A. RIOTS! There is nothing evil intended in it. It’s a book of HOPE. Hope for you, me, all of us and we need more than a spoonful of that for sure. But here’s one Great Interpretation.

A Panther’s Father-Book One 

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What Samuel T says:

July 7, 2017

James, your book, A Panther’s Father, is extraordinary. I am not a young man any more, and I realize the things I was taught as a young boy, well, they weren’t always right. Frankly, I’m ashamed at how ignorant I was… Now, I wasn’t the worst kind nor the best kind of man in my time, but I’ve since found Jesus, and He has sure changed my heart. There I go again, but what I mean to say is, your book made me re-evaluate my whole existence. The stories you told. I felt like they were coming from my own grandparents. It’s like (Granny Z) saw into my Soul. She saw the ache I carry, for family, here and the ones that are gone. Z reminded me to love, not just myself, or others like me, but especially my neighbors, like like Jesus. She also reminded me to not be ashamed of my own ancestry, to proud up, if you will. There’s not many books that an individual will read that they can say changed their lives, and your book did that for me James. That’s all I wanted to say about that.

A Panther’s Father II and A Panther’s Father III are scheduled for publication in 2019.

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This is a book that people are talking about all over the Globe.  Maybe, it’s time for you to find out what’s really going on…thank you.  God Bless!8pm


A Panther’s Father, is a book of hope, caring, and human engagements revolving around the Roosevelt Family from New York City. “Granny Z” Roosevelt is New York City’s 105-year-old storytelling narrator. Her son, Richard and Buster Brocks fall victim to a jungle ambush during the Vietnam War. Both endure rehabilitation. Buster receives the Medal of Honor. Taneeka, Richard’s wife, Richard, and Buster then get their UCLA Degrees. Both men join the LAPD reaching the rank of Supervisors. But the time-period is the volatile early 1970’s and deep racial conflict bears down upon them and the LAPD. But their careers are jeopardized as Shooters from a foreign Country seeking revenge against America engage in Drive-By Shootings in Los Angeles. And there are thoughtfully provoking tales about Ruth, Angels, Pontius Pilate, and God’s revenge upon slavers that a reader won’t quickly forget.

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