One Man’s Vengeful Destructive Nature against anything “Obama” has Cost the U.S. again. Big Time!

RCEP: Asia-Pacific countries form World’s Largest Trading Bloc-No U.S. Participation!

Most of us don’t have a Clue how important this News really is. And it is HUGE! Many think America gets the BEST DEALS around the World. But when Our President pulls the U.S. out, we never got a Chance to negotiate our way into some good Deals. And do we use these Countries?

ANSWER: Do we USE TOILET PAPER? Of course we do. Imports and Exports are what keep the World in balance. And it takes years of tough negotiations before anything meaningful ever gets done.

But we are out of the Loop on this one. And all Articles are pointing to How Ridiculous Our Pulling out will turn out to be in the Future. Now, we have to work Trade Deals on a One Country at a time Basis. How Stupid is this?

I’m sorry, but anything that has Obama’s name attached to, Trump has vengefully destroyed or attempted to destroy. And this one will come back to Haunt all of us.

President Donald Trump pulled his country out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) shortly after taking office. The deal was to involve 12 countries and was supported by Mr Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama as a way to counter China’s surging power in the region.

RECP is now Done without the U.S.

And this will Hurt Our Economy!

AMERICA is the Loser, but it’s Another Victory for Team Trump!