When 150 Million Americans VOTE, The Counting will take a LONG Time!

Our Country, Our World has been HAMMERED like nothing before. All of us are Now IN the Biggest Moments in HISTORY! And how each one of us will be remembered during this Time depends on How we handle this. Have you checked on Family Members and asked them How they are doing? I’m talking about Are They going to Hurt Themselves? Don’t say you know. Cause you DON’T. I never knew when someone in Prison was going to try and Kill themselves. Most don’t send out any Signals. No Signs! And that is where all of us must make sure they are not thinking about bad things. Your Children too? Your friend’s kids too. Any kid. Any Parent. Any Adult or child.

You, Me, none of us know unless we A S K. And it’s Okay to A S K. Right now, everyone needs to take a moment to H E L P each other. And forget what somebody, the things people are saying and doing. That’s not IMPORTANT! What you say and what you do is Important!

Now is the time to be a Share Monster! Share with others. Give to Others. You cannot Dwell on any of the PAST. From this moment forward will define you and How you Rose to the Occasion. You Rise-Up or you will be Swallowed-Up by all the negativity flowing in the air. Don’t you do it. Don’t be a non-helper. Be rich with the Spirit of Love. And Compassion.

And if the President refuses to lis-
ten, it is going to take a Congress that
is prepared to legislatively force the
President to change this disastrous