Don’t Let Denial Ruin Your Day!

Please, don’t let denial ruin your day. Yes, we’re still in a Pandemic and Yes, tons of folks are out of WORK and millions are still lining-up in Food Lines. During the Great Depression, there were Soup Lines in NYC run by the MOB. But does it really matter where the Food or money for Food comes from? A starving Person is not a pretty sight. And anyone with no food in their belly is not getting much sleep.

And yes, Tom Brady is still no longer worth the Patriots. But Denial is a bad thing to be consumed with. Let it go. When you know a truth, accept it and keep going on.

80% know a Truth about who Won the ELECTION. 3% are LOST! 13% are Less Lost. And 4% don’t care. But it’s time for all of us to move on. We got bigger Fish to fry now and it’s this VIRUS! WE GOT TO BEAT THIS VIRUS!

Nothing can proceed farther until we get this Virus out of here. States are going to be faced with harrowing decisions on closing lots of things in the days and weeks ahead. Governors will have No Choice as Hospitals become Overburdened and their patients will be Overflowing to the Local Morgues. Our Hospitals are our Lifelines between living and Death. And many have already become Overburdened frim the 1st Time we had a National Stay At Home. And is another coming?

Folks, they say No, but closing Restaurants, Bars, and Gyms seem pretty Locked Down. And now they say the Big Stores are places good to get the Virus now. Most likely have been all along. But no, no one wants to Shutdown again. I’m Retired so my life is pretty shutdown anyway. But I know many are Screaming for NORMALCY AGAIN PLEASE! And yes, I’d love to go to the Movies again without caring about a Virus.

And here’s my 1st Question. When will it End? And my 2nd QUESTION-If I get a COVID-19 Vaccine Shot from one Manufacturer, can I get the next one from another Manufacturer making a Different COVID-19 Vaccine? Will the two be in conflict with each other?

Public health officials in the United States announced more than 160,000 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, the first day over 150,000 since the pandemic began — an alarming record that came just over a week after the country first experienced 100,000 cases in a single day.

The pandemic has risen to crisis levels in much of the nation, especially the Midwest, as hospital executives warn of dwindling bed space and as coroners deploy mobile morgues. More than 100,000 coronavirus cases have been announced nationwide every day since Nov. 4, and six of the last nine days have broken the previous record.

Folks, all of this is hitting us at a time when Our Happy Holiday Feelings have begun to kick in. And none of 🇺🇸 want to hear none of that. But Out of the Denial Box we must go. All of us. We must move beyond our Comfort Zones. And we have to accept that we are going to be riding in a Stormy Sea for at least some time in Spring to Fall.

And I’m going to Admit-I HATE SHOTS! I hate them. And these COVID Vaccines are having a pain in the arm affect. And that’s the Baby Thing. The bigger things are TEMPERATURES! Joint Pains and feeling super tired. So, no these Shots aren’t the Baby Ones of you get it and go. You get it and you may not be able to go for Days or a week. And the 2nd Shot hurts more than the 1st. In your Arm. I had that happen on the 2nd Pneumonia Shot. It’s now known that you need to wait for so long before taking the Super Pneumonia Shot after having the 1st One. Yes, there is a Baby One And a Bigger One that covers more stuff. My arm hurt for WEEKS! A real hurting pain.

But looks like we all might need to suffer a little to wipe out this Virus.

But we will get this Virus under CONTROL. But when? Might be 2025.