Pandemic OVERLOAD!

Golly, how nice it would be? To wake-up and the Pandemic had never Happened. But it has not gone AWAY. And what’s terribly SAD, it’s going to be like a fuse that just got lit leading up to a Powder Keg. Our Powder Keg!

Last night, I listened to a Radio Evangelist and he had a wonderful appealing Sermon that sounded a little too good to be true. It was great all the way to where the Preacher called upon the listener to prove their love for the Lord and sell their Home and send all their Monies directly to him so he’d get you a Special Spot in God’s Audience. A Front Row Seat. Lol.

And it did remind me of How Others I’ve worked with took every second they could to Preach to you or read in the Bible. And I’ll always remember that one who walked up to me while I was working a Control Board at a Power Plant when he charged up to me. And I instantly thought he was going to unleash on me some wonderful enlightening spiritual words. And then he said-

The Bible Says where two men lie in the same bed, one man Will go to Heaven and the other man will go to hell.

And then he left as if he’d Laid upon me some powerful Word of God. And I remembered when I worked at my 1st Texas Prison, when two Inmates got caught in the Act of Love Making, one was called The Fuckee! And the other was called FUCKER! Names depicting a male and female partner. And back in the Old Days. We did not punish the Fucker! The Fuckee went to Solitary Confinement. Don’t ask me why? It was the way a Barbaric Old School Way of running an extremely OVER CROWDED Prison was done. I was 21 and glad I quit! It stunk back then. People had such Stoic Views of Everything. We are so slow to evolve. So gosh dang slow. Takes a lifetime to change and then you’re Dead.

But dang, we are FULL SPEED AHEAD! On this Pandemic. And quite sadly, it’s only going to get worse where Nurses and Doctors will be once again picking who Lived and who Died. No. Not everyone will get the same chance. Those that Code won’t be given a restart. A kick start. They’ll just be allowed to just up and go. Go! Get out if Here. You’re Dead now! But it’ll play heavy on the hearts and minds of those picking life and death for folks. For you or me.

I’m not going to try and paint a pretty picture because there isn’t one. It’s all BAD until sometime after Biden takes Office.

From BAD TO BADDER, TO BADDEST! THE ABSOLUTE WORST CASE SCENARIO! LOTS AND LOTS OF DEATHS! There won’t be enough Freezer Trucks for all OF us when it’s our turn to Die. I do wonder how many of us Dead they put in each freezer truck?

When I get it, I know I’m gone. Too big, too Old, and too many Medical Issues. But it’ll be Okay. I figure I’ll still get to see what everyone is doing from the Other side. And maybe. I won’t care to see what humans are doing.

But, if you CAn. Help Stop the Spread, then that will be mighty cool. Way Cool for sure.

It’s late, my wrists are hurting from dotting my fingers on my phone screen.

Dang, Death, what’s that one really going to be like?