Relax! Sit Back and Have another Cold One. Ain’t nothing Wrong Going On!

Can President Trump win his election challenges in court? I’m like millions of Americans not fully understanding all the things about challenging the Election Results. All of us were confused by it when Al Gore did this in his bid for the Presidency. But I’m not worried and nor should you be. So-

Relax! Sit Back and Have another Cold One. Ain’t nothing Wrong Going On!

What’s happening is as usual as American as Apple Pie!

Yes, it’s as usual as can be and nothing to be bothered about. I fully believe we will not see a Major Outcome Change. And all of this going on is normal after any close Election-nothing to get upset about or worried about or concerned with.

The best thing that Could happen is for these Legal Lawsuits to find any irregularities and get them corrected. Could even change a small number of Vote Counts. But changing the Outcome? Nope, not happening.

Nope, that’s not going to happen. Wanting the Outcome to flip-flop is now just wishful thinking. It’s about as likely to happen as any of us are on going to the moon.

The best thing coming out all of this for Trump, the 2nd Most Popular President in American History still living, is that his Supporters fill his Coffers with at least One Billion Dollars for Legal work. Of course he won’t use nearly that much. And I guess he’ll pocket the rest of it. So, I guess the longer these Lawsuits continue, the more money he’ll raise. Right? Seems logical to me. How about you? Dang, that’s a pile of money.

But the best Article that might be out there on all of this is this one I read this morning which explains all of this pretty well by one of the Lawyers on the Legal Team who defended Trump during the Impeachment Trial. Can I explain all the Legal things Trump and his Lawyers are doing? No, absolutely NOT! I can’t and I won’t even try! So, for my Readers who want to know, here’s a very useful READ-