Legal Medical Marijuana & Veterans!

Not all tales end in happiness…100% Disabled and he was ostracized because he had Marijuana and he was Black.

“[The pardon] was the right decision to make, particularly during a pandemic,” said Ward. “There are several people who should be in prison, but some people who shouldn’t be in the system. He’s one of them. If there was ever a case of someone society has left down, someone, a veteran, who couldn’t get the mental health and treatment he needed, it was him. We discarded him and that’s not justice to me.”

“The case of Sean Worsley deals with a convergence of several issues.,” Rafferty said “Alabama’s harmful marijuana laws, particularly concerning medical marijuana. It deals with our country’s misunderstanding and treatment of veterans returning home and transitioning to civilian life. And it deals with excessive policing—that put suspicion on a Black man doing nothing more than listening to the radio and playing air guitar to his wife.