U.S. ARMY ULTRA-Modern Weapons ATTACK Carrier!

When the United States Builds its Newest Wheeled fully enclosed Weapons ATTACK CARRIER Vehicle, then they will have a very Formidable Weapon. Sophisticated American Weapons Helicopters use this below Weapons Helmet.

The U.S. Army heavily Weaponed Vehicle that is fully enclosed! And uses 360 Degree Visual Helmet Flow! No one is outside the Vehicle. All weapons work by Helmet and where the Helmet looks, the Guns do too. This will completely Revolutionize and Modernize AMERICA’s need to stay ahead in the World in Weaponry.

This would be an incredible Weapon. And the Weapons could be interchangeable! A fast moving. With Few personnel in a Weapons Attack Machine of Ultra Destruction and Havoc on an Adversary. A highly Deadly Weapon. It would merge Game Technology into the Real World of War! Or War Deterrent!


helmet-mounted display (HMD) is a device used in aircraft to project information to the pilot’s eyes. Its scope is similar to that of head-up displays (HUD) on an aircrew’s visor or reticle. An HMD provides the pilot with situation awareness, an enhanced image of the scene, and in military applications cue weapons systems, to the direction their head is pointing. Applications which allow cuing of weapon systems are referred to as helmet-mounted sight and display (HMSD) or helmet-mounted sights (HMS).The Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System (IHADSS)




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