The National Norm in America Today is Pure CONTAMINATION of the American Mind. Polluting US will erroneous informations.

This morning, I read two Articles by the same News Network. The 2nd completely contradicted the 1st. And this is exactly How Today’s Contamination of the American Minds is working. By writing Articles that will give your Brain food to what you want to hear or read. But it’s wrong. It’s what has become the National Norm.

AMERICA must STOP being Repeaters of Other Peoples Words! Speak the TRUTH! YOUR TRUTH!

America, all Americans, from the Top to the Bottom must do everything we can do to end the Spread of Contamination of Negative and False Rhetoric, Videos, and Fake Imagery.

I believe all of us have been have been treated with the most unjustified incorrect erroneous information ever given to the American Population in any Prior Generation. And why? Telling the truth doesn’t excite the Masses. But Really Bad Things ride on fast Horses. And People gather around the Race Track to see the News that these Fast Horses are Running With. And These News Horses runs around on the Track until there is no more watchers. Until there is no more Watchers.

I don’t Trust the News like I used to. Today, it’s Hip Hop Pretty Faces and Fast Talkers. No more are the Walter Cronkites. And as I watched more and more Vietnam War Movie Footage, I was very alert when President Lyndon Baines Johnson talked in his own words about how evil the News were becoming and making it difficult on him. But most don’t care to hear that sort of the Truth.

No, they’d rather hear Hot Gossip instead of the simple, usually dull truth of News. 9/11/01 was Real News! Pearl Harbor was Real News! Not the everyday stuff of regular Gossip Rag Stuff that is played like it is Real News. Well, 99% of it is Not News. COVID-19 is Real News, but not necessary of Daily Infection and COVID-19 Deaths.

We get it. We understand it. But everyday? All of us can read the Numbers. HERE, you want to read the Numbers on a ton of Daily Stuff, well, here it is-

But none of us need or want these Daily Numbers thrust in our Faces. We know. We know. We KNOW! Enough! Enough is Enough!

And for some of you, I write testing the Audiences of the World. Testing them for their FEEDBACK. I do write things that are Upsetting to some to see How it is Being Viewed in the World like calling Voters Stupid while I’m not believing it at all. It’s only to test the Market. But some cannot separate truth FROM fiction. So, I’m trying to play right for their sake. For those seeking ways to fulfill their own angers, I Do wish you’d quit coming to my Blog WITH your pitiless. Your hate that burns in you. Some truly do not know or understand me but they’ll listen to gossips about me. I am NOT what others say I am.

I am a caring, loving father of three kiddos and 8 grandkids. I’m a U.S. Army Veteran trained in a COMBAT MOS! I’ve worked Hard all my Life and am now Retired. I am a writer and I have a Bachelor of Arts in English Studies. I am an American and a Christian. I believe in God and Jesus. I love my Country. I love all members of my Extended Family. But I’m not sure if they love me back. They have tested Me in many ways. But Life is Life and they are not my worries. I should not be theirs.

But all of us have a chance to contaminate our own mind and to contaminate the minds of others with false truths from the News and other sources. By contaminating the minds of others purposefully. Yes, on purpose.

What I find the Most Interesting every day is the Countries my Readers are reading my Blog FROM all over the World. Some days, I have large numbers of readers from one Country but many Countries come every day.

And I look at what people are reading or wanting to read. I like Time Travel Articles and things NASA and Europe and Japan’s Space Agencies have done and are doing. I know my Readers do too.


Too many are Offended by accusations of Election Fraud. Actual Republicans have come out and said-This was a Legal, Legit Election done correctly. Nothing HOOKY about it.

And Biden is now Our 46th President-Elect. And all of us need to accept that and Celebrate Our Democracy. We must move forward in Unity and Love and Decency towards each other.

These past four Years have taught all of us a lot. Some bad. Some good. But we must be strong and prepare ourselves for the Next Life.

Put God and Jesus in your Heart. Put them on the front burner in your Life and off your back burner. You’ll be glad you did.