Give Thanks to The Heavenly Father!

Give Thanks to The Heavenly Father!

Yes, no matter where you are living in the World. Right Now! STOP! And give thanks to the Heavenly Father. Forget what you don’t have, what you want. Say Thanks for what you have right NOW.

The Pandemic is just beginning to gain momentum. Yes. It’s just starting. Wait until after Thanksgiving and see How it will grow. Or Christmas! But all of us are just barely in it right now. Our worse days and nights have not begun. It’s going to get very, very dark. Massive infections will bring with it Massive DEATHS!

No one wanted this. No one asked for it. But we’re in it now! Yes, the Entire World, we are truly in it Now. But we have not seen the Worst of it yet.

As I write, many places are acquiring Mobile Refrigerator Morgues. Lots of them. Hundreds of them. And in some Cities, when you add all the Daily Deaths. We’ll see Death Numbers similar to those where huge Battles were fought.

Huge Daily Death Rates. Lots more will Die. No one is immune. Yes, Dying Time is about to fully begin and the Grimm Reaper will be kept very busy.

And what’s critical is How the World addresses it. If we don’t wipe this Virus out, the one that’s coming next may be ten times worse. Yes, a Mutated Virus unlike this one now. Far more worse. Killing with a Vengeance will be Unleashed.

And how? What is coming? The Virus Mutated back at us from jumping from Us to Mammal or animal or Bird and then it could be the worst of the worst. When it comes back to us from one if these mentioned.

During the Spanish Flu, it was the 2nd Winter that was the real Killer. And for us, it will be worse. But the 3rd or 4th could be the WORSE. But we must get control of it. We must Master it before it cuts deeply into the World’s Population.

Some Countries are doing Amazingly Great! None or very few cases. But others, WOW, they are getting Hammered. And how bad will it get? How hard will it get for the World?

Real Tough. Very. Very Tough. But we must keep Vigilante. We must help each other do a better Job of keeping this Virus under Control.

But do what you can to keep you And your family safe. But Give Thanks now to the Heavenly Father for what you do have.

God Bless you and Your Family