Destroying Your Friendships Because you Have a Drinking Problem?

People may experience:Whole body: blackout, dizziness, shakiness, craving, or sweating Behavioral: aggression, agitation, compulsive behavior, self-destructive behavior, or lack of restraint Mood: anxiety, euphoria, general discontent, guilt, or lonelinessGastrointestinal: nausea or vomitingPsychological: delirium or fearAlso common: physical substance dependence, problems with coordination, slurred speech, or tremor. Engaging in bad decisions lashing out at family and friends, attacking loved ones trying to make yourself feel better. Never able to apologize for their bad disruptive conversations intent on hurting others. Making excuses to yourself, justifying things to yourself that a rational person would never understand. Attacking those that bring your drinking to your attention, but you lash out at them too. Always hurting others because your drinking allows you to live a deceitful way of living engaging in questionable deviant and immoral behaviors. Making up Lies about Others. Attacking others thru Your Created Lies! Telling Lies about Family to Others. What disruptive behaviors are you planning today? Tomorrow? Tonight? But when will you WAKE-UP and REALIZE that you have to Quit Drinking? Millions of others have stopped using the Bottle of Alcohol like a baby’s nursing bottle. Quit Denying the PAIN you have caused your Family and your Friends. Quit before your Liver or Heart does. Quit making up excuses to Others and get Help.

You need HELP! Get the Help you need instead of ending Life with zero friends. Zero friendships.