One day, when you least expect it, you will be STOPPED and it will be after or while you have been drinking. A Quickie run to the Store for your kids, your spouse. Or for yourself to get more Booze.. And then you’ll call from Jail. One Call from Jail.

And it might be driving home after a date or a party. But somewhere along the Way, you will have more than the Legal Amount of Alcohol in your blood. In your body. And you’ll be STUCK LIKE CHUCK.

And look, I’m not pointing fingers, but I know how Alcohol can destroy you. Your Life. Alcohol will do all the things you didn’t expect it to do to even you. Yes, you. It did me. I was once an alcoholic twenty years ago and I QUIT COLD TURKEY! And never looked back. Twenty years ago I did mean things by not caring about other people’s feelings. I lied too. I drove intoxicated and I had since I was 16.

But the Battle Urges have been hard at first, but less so until I finally realized I WAS DONE WITH BOOZE!

But I had an amazing Family and I QUIT for them. Not for me. For my Wife. And my wife gave me a Choice-Her or Booze. I picked her. I picked Family over a Life of drinking until it killed me. Of one day be without a living family. But I picked my wife and kids over Booze.

And I had enough examples to know better! I should never have drank like I did. But I wasn’t a criminal other than driving while Intoxicated! But that’s the Worst or nearly as Bad. But after a lifetime of seeing a Drunkard Uncle who would get so drunk he’d walk around shitting in his underwear and walking all over his farm in shit filled underwear and “thongs” or rubber sandals. And no other clothes. His behavior should have been my Eye-Opener, but it wasn’t.

I didn’t care because at 8 years old, I could drive his Car or tractor to go get him his Beer and I’d get .22 Bullets for the gun to shoot. He drank and I hunted. I’d drive for 8 miles to get his Booze.

And after retiring from working a Rehab Prison for Drug Users and D.W.I. Inmates, I saw all the Drunks and they had some tales to tell. But, they also said they couldn’t wait to get out so they could get back to drinking. No, not all of them. But they worked in every capacity in the job market. Truck Drivers. Doctors. Lawyers. College Professors. You name it, they were there. They were all there. And some were nice guys in the Free world, but they had been bent over the rail while being jack-hammered from behind at a Bad Prison with Hardcore Convicts.

But when it comes to getting someone to STOP DRINKING, you can’t do it. I couldn’t. They don’t want to quit. And no matter what you tell them, they’ll find an excuse for why they should let Alcohol remain in Their life.

And I know many of them. But it wasn’t until my wife put her foot down that I actually realized that I had a Choice-A Life or Let Alcohol Rule my Life. A Family or a life of loneliness. Of being alone with Me and my booze.

But getting behind the wheel of a Car? I did it and I was Lucky. Wreck-Free? No, I drove off the road one time and backed into a river once. All behind drinking. But I never hit SOMEONE. But what I had done was a really bad thing. A real bad thing. I’m thankful I hadn’t got a D.W.I. But I could have had gotten one.

I risked the Lives of everyone on the Road. I was a Killer behind the Wheel. And at any moment, I could have crashed and killed someone. And does any of this resonate with you? Is this you?

Where are you in your Drinking Career? Beginner or full blown Alcoholic? Keep drinking and you’ll get to the final result which is Death by killing your Organs. One day Binge Drinking is the worst.

No, I can’t change you. You got to change you. An alcoholic doesn’t remember what they’ve lost by continuing their drinking. They don’t remember how good things used to be for them. No, they continue drinking until their friends or family don’t call them back anymore or End their calls quickly or Block Them altogether. And slowly, they find themselves in their own Bubble with their Baby Bottle of Alcohol always ruling their lives.

Don’t worry, I got to see thousands who had LOST EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. Those D.W.I.’s and the Courts hooked them up. And some wished that they had stopped, but they hadn’t. And they got a 10-year sentence in a Texas Prison. And when you get stuck in a Hardcore Texas Prison with some real Ballbreakers you’ll really find out how bad it can be. And all you did was drink and drive? And you saw no harm in it. No, but the Jury sees No Pity on you. No, it’s GUILTY every time.

But why wait and play a Game of Chance? You must Grow-Up again and force yourself to QUIT! No one can do it for you, but you.

And after you QUIT! Try to salvage what you have LOST. Ask your Family to Forgive you and all the Problems you have created because of Your Drinking. And you got pissed-off because you got called out on your Drinking. Really? What a poor excuse. And your drinking still makes you think you have the right to attempt to destroy another’s life. But you only hurt you even more.

But I know, I was there before. I thought I needed to Drink more than be a Great person. But I saw the folly of my ways and I dropped the Booze and engaged in Life. Yes, I re-engaged in Life and I apologized to Those that I needed to Apologize to.

But, good luck on your Road to Recovery! Recovery is DOABLE! Just try it. You’ll be glad you did. But only You can Do You!