A Real Game Changer!

This could turnout to become the greatest Game Changer in the History of Warfare!

The US military is eyeing ‘rocket cargo’ to resupply troops anywhere in the world in under an hour


When I read this, I instantly realized the implications that Rocket Cargo Delivery would have on Warfare. And I can imagine this happening very soon. Sooner than Later! Much sooner-

Imagine this scenario: You’re deployed to some godforsaken hellhole downrange, in desperate need of additional ammo and chow. You call your superior officer for a very special airdrop: with approval from the U.S. Transportation Command, your cargo is launched into low earth orbit in a rocket-assisted payload. Within an hour, voila — fresh 5.56mm rounds and some delicious pizza MRE, ready to refresh your arsenal and renew your spirit. 

The idea of space-borne resupply pods may seem like something out of science-fiction but it could someday be a reality for troops downrange, according to Army officials.

This is an amazing read-