“Texas Style” Sweet Walnut Pie

YOU Hungry? You got a Sweet Tooth? Wanna make a Pie? Okay!

Here’s the Recipe-

Pull out one 9″ Frozen Pie Shell DEEP DISH. and let thraw.

3 Eggs whipped up in a Bowl.

1/4th Cup butter. Melt your Butter 1st!!!

2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract.

3/4 Cup White Sugar.

1/2 Cup Brown Sugar.

1/2 Cup Corn Syrup.

Now mix all that stuff up in your mixing Bowl.

Then ADD

2 cups WALNUTS Halves.

Mix it up-with a Spoon for the Walnuts, but I used an Electric Mixer for all of the above. I also Mixed my butter and Eggs and Vanilla together 1st. Then I mixed the Sugar and Syrup in. But yes, I used my mixer for all of it.

Now Pour all of your Mixture into a 9″ Deep Dish Pie Shell.

Cook at 400 for 10 Minutes.

Cook for 45 Minutes at 325.

Stuck knife in middle and when it comes our with a small amount of liquid on it, it should be done. I cook mine for 70 minutes.

Then let it cool down. Chill in refrigerator and th en EAT IT UP!