PUERTO RICO-America’s Next State? We Must Decide!

WOW! The folks in Puerto Rico have VOTED to become a STATE of the United States of America! Right now, they are a Territory of Ours, but they GET NO REPRESENTATION in the United States Congress. They basically have none.

Puerto Rico, which has been a US territory for 122 years and is the world’s oldest colony, has held five previous non-binding referendums on the issue. In 2012 and 2017, the island’s 3 million citizens overwhelmingly backed statehood, but Congress never took further action to admit Puerto Rico into the union

But will Our American U.S. Congress ALLOW Puerto Rico to be the Next STATE? I know the whole story, but I’m not going to re-write what you can read(it’s explained pretty well in the two below Articles). What do you think? Should we say, if they want U.S., then should we Approve PUERTO RICO AS A STATE?

Why not? Why not? Yes, why not?



Map of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico



Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and unincorporated U.S. territory with a landscape of mountains, waterfalls and the El Yunque tropical rainforest. In San Juan, the capital and largest city, the Isla Verde area is known for its hotel strip, beach bars and casinos. Its Old San Juan neighborhood features colorful Spanish colonial buildings and El Morro and La Fortaleza, massive, centuries-old fortresses. ― Google