A 1942 CLASSIC-The Adventures of Martin Eden-a fun Movie to Watch!

The Adventures of Martin Eden is a Seaman’s Tale of cruelty aboard some form of Freight Ship with an intense Cruel Captain Reagan. He is one cruel man. A young Cabin Boy is subjected to especially cruel treatment forced to eat Maggots for food. Then, when a chance comes and the boy is pulled up and out of a torture holding cell, the boy runs and jumps Overboard at Sea in a storm. Committing Suicide. One Sailor, Martin Eden writes his memoirs while on ship. But once the young boy does, One Sailor Confronts the Captain and a fight ensues and Mutiny is Charged! It’s Mutiny and this one Sailor is Given two Trials for Mutiny. The 1st gets him 10 years in Prison.

It’s also a Tale of one man’s unrelenting desire to get a fellow Shipmate off the Mutiny Charge and out of Prison. This man is Glenn Ford playing Martin Eden who writes to become a Known Writer who can then get his 1st Work Published. But, It’s his Original manuscript

THE DEATH WAGON he wrote while on the Ship of all events that finally is brought to the Public’s Eye. It’s a true accounting of this Cruel Captain Reagan. And a brutal writing of this sadistic Captain who constantly beat the boy and that boy took his own life to get away from this miserable Captain Reagan. The ship was the Lorrell-Li or something sounding similar to this.

And there is a hot three way love affair.

Then in the end, Martin is given a chance to destroy his book as fiction or tell the truth and save his Sailor Buddy.

But the Movie has lots to offer the viewing audiences. It’s got corruption attempted on the Writer. Of human struggles and sufferings.

But it’s a good Movie to Watch.

All the Stars are there for you to see how Acting got done back then…di enjoy!

The Adventures of Martin Eden is a 1942 black-and-white adventure film directed by Sidney Salkow and starring Glenn Ford and Claire Trevor. It is based on Jack London’s novel Martin Eden (1909).

The Adventures of Martin Eden
Ian MacDonald in ‘The Adventures of Martin Eden’
Directed bySidney Salkow
Produced bySamuel Bronston
B.P. Schulberg
Written byW. L. River
Jack London
StarringGlenn Ford
Claire Trevor
CinematographyFranz Planer
Edited byAl Clark
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Release dateFebruary 22, 1942
Running time87 minutes
CountryUnited States