OPERATION CHRISTMAS DROP-a 5-Star Movie of Goodwill!

Talk about a Movie just in time for Christmas! This is the one. Such an incredibly talented group of Actors and Actresses. And a fun, all inspiring Adventure of a joy ride. This Movie is fun and if you’re missing folks, have empty seats at your Christmas Dinner this year, this Movie is for you.

I couldn’t help be reminded of my own loss of Family members,mom and dad and both grandparents. But I found Joy in seeing the Joy that these amazing and wonderful Front Line Military Members are doing for so many others. I had no idea and now I know. And you will too as you find out some fun exciting Pay it Forward sort of things.

I cannot tell a Lie, well, I won’t. But this was a six tissue Movie for me and it’s from Joy. This Movie Moved My Heart. And I feel it will move you too.

So, do plan to see this one and it’s on NETFLIX. But again I did like this Movie very much.

Operation Christmas Drop is a tradition that started in 1952 that serves as a training mission for the U.S. Air Force. It has since become the longest-running U.S. Department of Defense mission in full operation, and the longest-running humanitarian airlift in the world.

Pop some popcorn and enjoy! I did very much!