AMERICA HAS BLOWN IT! Why, just why can’t we be like Australia with No New Cases? Exactly what did America do that was so wrong that now puts us in such a Bad Position?

Are we just Unique? Too diverse? And France, Germany, and Britain is ahead of us with all of them entering in a 30-Day Lockdown for the 2nd time this year. In the year of 2020, will man survive? Now, based on what I’m seeing, in the year 2525, man won’t be here alive. And if he is, he’ll be living a poorly orchestrated “bug in a lab” existence. And we’re doing it. Our decisions today will determine how poorly man’s life will be in the future. All of us are doing this. By the Bus we take, the car or truck we drive, the plane we take or fly. It’s all on all of us. Life today has consequences for the future. It’s a Frequency type Life we live, but we don’t get any Do-Overs.

Man is a messy creature full of contradictiOns. And I just don’t know, but we are in a very messy spot right now with the COVID. And with big COVID Infection Numbers will come bigger COVID Death Numbers.

Over 500,000 new COVID Cases just last week here in America. Herd Immunity is a JOKE! Not Wearing a Mask is the BIGGEST JOKE! But you do you and I’ll do me. I’m not here to Judge. There’s already enough folks pointing fingers of those utterly and completely irresponsible. Wayne’s World. Well, it’s not that either.

I don’t think there has been a Movie Made that explains all of this going on today in a subjective way. Maybe one day. But actually who’ll watch it but future generations who’ll use it to point their fingers at all of us.

Did we blow it? Are we Blowing it? I think that could be better explained in the hallways of some funeral homes. In an emergency room. In hospitals hit badly with Covid Patients? In places that are long term health facilities taking care of people whose systems are now broken by this Virus. Yes, happy and great one day and crippled when the Virus hits you. Breaks your body down.

You’ll get what you want to hear in a Bar. You’ll find others aligned with your views in a Bar. And you can drink and get a Buzz. Getting a Buzz is why people drink, but too much and then what happens? Go home and beat the kids or the spouse? Get your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Divorce? And no one is gonna cry over spilled milk.

And some are happy to say it’s not bad at all. But they haven’t had it a 2nd time which is much worse than the 1st infection. But again. You do you and I’ll do me.

I’m deliberately walking in egg shells attempting to write without pointing any fingers. It’s your decision to decide what you believe. But many aren’t convinced until they get it or until they have a relative die from it. And don’t worry, we gonna see a ton more dying for sure.

Bit, you do you and I’ll do me. But one thing is the Fact that now, instead of US banning travel to here, most Countries have BANNED ALL TRAVEL to their Country when you say you are an American. Suddenly, being an American carries a much worse connotation with just where we are from. Like we are Lepers spreading Leprosy.

AMERICA, the Land of the COVID Lepers. Sad, but we are in it now. We are in it for sure.

But here comes the Election and you can decide who you Like or Dislike.