Today’s Audiences

You came here today. Look at the MAP above. Yes, your visiting jamesbrown.blog is greatly appreciated. I write about everything. I write about stuff BANNED in many Countries because of your Government’s Censorship. And when I can and I know, I’ll change the writing to help you get the News that you can USE too. Perfect News? Unbiased News? No, not always in no kind of way.

I am a writer of Fiction. But I enjoy keeping myself abreast to all that is going on all over the World. Some places are okay right now while others are suffering Hard Tmes. I see you. I read your News Too. I know who is hurting, suffering. Hang in there. Better Days are Coming! My heart goes out to you. And I pray for you every day. Stay Strong!

And I show lots of beautiful pictures too. Some I take but others do too.

But again, look on the Map above and see if your Country showed-up on my Worldwide Activity Map for my Blog.

Have a great weekend!