You know what? You’re a Pretty Gosh Darn Special Person!

Yep! The Verdict is in and it’s proven, not only are you Special, you’re Remarkable! You are not only a scientific Marvel of walking and talking incredible-ness, but you are one fine individual.

Shoot for the Stars and be Happy no matter where or how all of us end up. You know what? I Never ever intended to ever Retire as a Texas Prison Guard. But I did. And I HATED that Job! I actually Hated it. It’s not easy seeing how some can accept their surroundings and others fight it all along the way. And the CRAZIES! The ones skipping their Mental Meds and then they go full blown Crazy on all of us.

Working over 13 years of Administrative Segregation, you get to unfortunately see man at his Lowest to the point of Attempted Suicide. But hey, that’s not you!

You’re not going to PRISON, but all of us do live in our own forms of Control. And that Control when not checked can turn into a routine of Self-Imprisonment. This 0andemuc has caused a lot of this, but depends on your Outlook. Sure, all of us tend to be like good little doggies knowing our real boundaries. We come to know where We Fit.

When Art Linkletter had his Show about Kids Say the Darndest Things. And all of us did, still do, or will. Lol. But you know that it’s hard to sit and listen when your Child says that they will one day be President. Okay, they might, but the odds are way. Way against them and all of us know that.

But nothing precludes any of us from being a Pretty Gosh Darn Special person! And we are. We are Unique and You are a very Unique You. And you have a zillion things to Learn if you so choose to do so. But I like to say-Ignorance is Bliss!

And it is. Where most things go wrong is when someone imposes their Bull us. That’s when the real “sh_t” hits the Fan.

Until 2020, I knew, yet I found out my knowing wasn’t good enough. Yes, I knew the self-imposed World of Chaos that exists between Blacks and Cops. 99% of all Blacks. 99% of all Police. Well, that 1% causes grief, unbelievable grief. Everyone knows the right and wrong of their Jobs and Damn it, some people have No Bee’s Wax of being a Cop.

I still remember a man who was a pretty cool guy and he was in the National Guard as a Junior Officer. But we were both working at the same Texas Prison. Him working as a High Rider and I worked as a Building Tender. Yes, us Officers were called Building Tenders. But that’s Old School talk. Well, this Idiot always talked about how he couldn’t wait until he busted a cap into that Ass on a Convict. Shooting an Inmate when they attempted to escape. But I always shook my head and told him-be careful what you wish for.

Then it happened! He was on his Horse and an Inmate burst out running across the field appearing to be making a real Prison Escape. The man busted a Cap in that Was and he KILLED him with one shot. But then comes the Truth-Bees. Bees were biting him, chasing him and he was killed for running. It was Bumble Bees! It wasn’t a dash for FREEDOM!

But then, I saw the Worse happen in this man. He was sitting and eating at our table in the Officer Chow Hall. But afterwards, after the shooting, this man sat at the table in the corner all by himself. I attempted to talk to him. But he’d only grunt out a few words. He was being consumed with the Inmate’s Death. It was so sad for the Inmate and then thus man who would never be the same.

I saw others who broke down in and after knife fights in the Prison. Overseas prepared me for that, but not completely. I still have one scene haunting me when this one Convict Died in my prescence and there wasn’t a thing I could do but watch him die and him saying over and over and OVER, again-Why Me?

I see him and his death over and over again and will for the Rest of my life. He’s part of my own PTSD. The bad part. But I wished he hadn’t died and maybe at another Prison, maybe with Air Conditioning, he might Not have lived. I don’t know. I just don’t know. But he died of a Heart Attack in that stifling Heat at the Ellis Unit in ’78. Not a fight. Not a knifing. Not a fight. Just walking in the hallway. Just a Heart attack and I see him and him dying over and over. They took him to the Infirmary which was very close by and that was before the AED’ s they have now. But he died and many die in Prison. This Pandemic has taken a bunch.

But again, you are a very special person who can become one of a ton of people. A good PERSON. With a good job. People must do the best that they can. And PEOPLE WILL KEEP YOU DOWN! Down because of their own Jealous mess going on in their head. Too many appear to be helping you, but it’s not always the truth. Many say they helping you, but they are holding you back.

Might be using you like their own personal Slave. And if you leave, they’ll have to get right and End their own lazy spin on Life. But so many don’t want to see you doing better than them. And if you let them, they will put their root in you, their rot in you too.

So, I’m telling you. Right out of the womb, you got the World by your first cry. But as you are, we get into lots oF strange learning curbs. And most of these won’t be Happy Learning Curbs. Won’t nobody get the same exact Learning. So, it’s up to you to rise up and above all that you learn. If it doesn’t Apply, let it Slide.

And why mix it up in things that don’t need another hand in? Don’t do it. And I’m sorry, trust me when I say This-Some PEOPLE are Busted beyond repair. Unfixable.

I’ve seen them. And foremost. Their own consumption in crazy wild drugs burned their brains that bad. Yes. They did. I’m talking spraying bug spray on a cookie sheet, place on batteries and then scrap it off, use a Benzene Cleaner and dry it and then they Shoot it up in their Arms. And it cooks their brains for good.

But dang, hopefully your World will allow you Freedom of Choice. Millions live where they lack Choices. And ones living in Freedom Lands don’t understand that. Never will either until you see it. Many would freak if suddenly you swapped lives with a South Korean and you have one huge Military Obligation. You’d Freak! Mandatory Military Duty. Oh BO! But OH YEAH BABY! And that is one highly disciplined Society.

But choices here are taken for granted. FREEDOM is not fully realized until you Lose It! VOTING is the only Way to Keep Your Freedoms!

But be the best that you can be…