Wanna fix it or keep Killing People?

Killing Black PEOPLE!

Killing White People!

Killing Hispanic People!

People, people, people, there doesn’t need to be anymore of these Needless Killings of individuals with a Mental Health Issue experiencing a Mental Health Crisis!

Cities MUST! Step-Up and Do The Right Thing!

This is a KISS SOLUTION-Keeping it simple stupid.


Sending in a M.H.C.S. TEAM!

How does this work?

Anytime anyone Calls in for the Dispatcher or 911! Tell the 911 Operator that the person you are Calling about has a Mental Health History! Is having a Mental Health Breakdown. And that’s all!

And here comes the Most Proven Solution to Date!

Instead of Dispatching a Cruiser with hard worked Veteran Officers, THE POLICE DISPATCHER Dispatches-

M.H.C.S.-MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS SOLUTION TEAM To the Scene! Yes, a Five Member Team in Blue Uniforms! Blue Riot Gear! All Light Blue Colored! NOTHING IN BLACK COLORING!

Dispatch a “MCHS” TEAM! Dispatch a Mental Health Crisis Solution Team. FIVE MEMBER TEAM already suited up in Riot Gear minus the Helmets.

And they’ll bring a Large Net! Also! A NET! Net used when needed.

Folks, you Call for a SOLUTION! Okay, this is it!

Police Departments can do this by having a 2nd Department within the Police Department. Instead of a Law Enforcement Officer being assigned his regular Detail, He or She are assigned to work as a Member of a M.H.C.S TEAM wearing their Light Blue Uniform with Light Blue Colored Riot Gear.

But it might be easier to assign Officers permanently to this New World of a New Department.

Officers wanting to work in this New Capacity are assigned to it. It’s a Desescalation, Non-Lethal Team using Verbal Judo as their Number One method to solve these Mental Health Crisis Issues. No more Shootings.

All Cities set up a Separate Non-Police Department of M.H.C.S.-MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS SOLUTION! And the person being taken in by these men and women are to be taken to a M.H.C.S.-MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS SOLUTION Holding Facility! A place where an Actual Doctor will decide what should be done as to Meds and such.

My Idea? NO, not entirely. I’m only extending what I did and what we did in the Texas Prisons with Mental Health Crisis Offenders experiencing a Mental crisis.

No, I’m Retired from working at Five different Texas Prisons. And I’ve worked 13 years of Administrative Segregation and I SAW ALL THE MENTAL BABIES! These last year’s were at a Drug and D.W.I. Rehab Prison. And I saw All the ones with Serious Mental Issues Big Time. And I know this Proven Method we used in Texas Prisons can and would work in the Free World. On the Streets of America!

These Killings must come to an end.

And the Texas Prison System uses a 5-Man Team suited-up in Riot Gear to get Mr. Or Mrs. Crazy Fit! And Texas has a ton of them.

But many of these individuals ONLY need everyone to SLOW DOWN!

And I had to teach myself How to Verbally Reach these Mental Cases. And it’s all in How you talk with them! Act towards them! Treat them! Gaining Trust is Paramount! Accepting them as a Human Beings and not treating them like animals.

But okay, enough said, the killings Must STOP! And you ask HOW?

I’ve told you how. But do you give a Damn enough to try a New Method in Society? And you don’t Defund the Cops.


  1. Special training for these M.H.C.S.-MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS SOLUTION Teams.
  2. Special holding facility.
  3. Special M.H.C.S Vehicles like Vans!
  4. Doctors available 24/7.
  5. Medical staff who can administer Meds.

I see this so easily done. I see it in my mind! But if you give an Idiot the Job of Creating all of this, you’ll get more Killings and Not A Solution!


A Street Cruiser Cop doesn’t have the time to do this. His mindset is in a different Zone.

We can fix this!

But who’ll give my Co-Idea, an extension of Texas Prison Proven Methods a Chance?

Again, this Idea is ONLY an extended Idea from my Texas Prison Days.

From what I saw and we dealt with a ton of guys having a Mental Issue Crisis and we never Killed any of them.

I guarantee this will work…