All of us need to keep God warm in our Heart. God is with all of us 24/7. His OFFICE hours never closes. And God loves Prayers of any size.

Everyone spends time either never thinking about God or does think about God. And if you are afraid of God. Don’t be. God is love. Love for all of us. And I’m not going to paint you a fairy tale existence of God.

Whatever you believe about God, Jesus, Angels, Satan, Muhammed, Budda, Mother Earth or whomever or whatever, hey, that stuff is between you and God and whatever you believe and no one else.

I think too many are hung-up on simply accepting God and asking Him to Accept you. Pretty simple. It doesn’t and shouldn’t be a Drama! Shouldn’t never be a forced Issue up in anyone or a Child.

Keeping an Open Mind is important to living the best Life you can. With Openness comes Acceptance. And accepting each other no matter where we come from and how we look or talk with each other is all part of our tiny time here. Yes, our tiny, tiny, tiny amount of time here. And I enjoy watching SCROOGE each year to help me keep a positive View during the Holidays.

So, creating wedges between ourselves do happen and some are fixable and some are just meant to remain the same in order for Peace to rein. No one can walk in another person’s Life. Not their shoes. What your whole Life meant and all that you did is YOURS. It’s what makes you and gosh, we pickup a tin of baggage as we grow up.

But God is always still there and don’t fret explaining Him to Others. God’ll do that on His own. Might be here and now and might be as you die or after you die, but you gonna find out whatever you believe was right or wrong after Death. Yes, we will.

And don’t worry about no one except you and your relationship with God. If someone asks you, tell the simple truth. Don’t Ass-clown your way thru a discussion. In the end, you’ll still be you or an ASS or a Clown. So, just keep it as you.

But if you want more, then Learn it. And if you don’t. Well, then don’t.

I’m fine with whatever you decide. It’s all you. And you do for you and I’ll do for me.😊

So, keep strong, keep safe, and keep Loving God or whomever and loving your Family and loving yourself.

Be yourself…live Life!