Viva La Differance!

Blacks and Whites! Whites and Blacks! Hispanics and Blacks! Blacks and Hispanics! Hispanics and Whites! Whites and Hispanics!

YOU, only YOU…That’s Right! Only YOU can decide all of this Race Thing. And only you can decide to Accept My Brothers and My Sisters.

For me, gosh, for real, I’m so much farther ahead of most of you on this Race Thing that it’s not even funny.

You and I are NOT ENEMIES…and never will be. But all groups of folks have their own share of Revel Raisers who’d rather fight than Love. And that’s Okay.

20% of M.P.’s Black

A sore point here, as in civilian life, have been complaints of police discrimination against blacks. To counteract that, about 20 per cent of military policemen are black, including officers. The military police have been replaced in some of the “villes” by patrols of officers and enlisted men from regular units who try to help soldiers before they get, into trouble. Some are biracial.

👆👀 I was there! I saw, I experienced what was discussed in the New York Times 1973 Article. It was an ugly time, but a thoughtful time where Anger was enough for all. And I came away with seeing What Started in Vietnam did not end there. It migrated with its Racial Roar to South Korea’s Front Door. But, General Emerson was hellbent on fixing it or destroying us. Well, he didn’t destroy us. And I went on Two Village Patrols with a young Colen Powell who struck me as a Great Man and excellent Military Officer. He was the type you’d follow thru the Gates of Hell. The 0atrols were called Courtesy Patrols. And GUNSTOCK was a joke. It was a fake attempt to imitate Woodstock and when the Pot Smoking came out, so did the Arrests. Then, most of us left that ugly scene. But there was a ton more that happened and it wasn’t Reported. Nor did the North Korean Killings come out back home in the States.

I went thru the Race Thing Overseas and all of us came away with Acceptance and Love in our Hearts for our Brothers and Sisters. We learned to depend on each Other. But have you? Can you? Or for the most part, millions aren’t even in a Situation where Race enters their World.

Schools and Military puts all of us together and Homes put us into Isolation from one another. It’s been that way for a ton of years.

But can you become better in your Acceptance than you were BEFORE? You say yeah, but don’t understand How?

A Panther’s Father is a book I wrote that puts all of us together. It’ll make you Look at yourself and you will come away with Love and Acceptance in your Heart. And with Hope. It’s the authentic side of me. That is what I brought to the Table for a starving Nation still on a Path of Separation…But the Book, if you will allow yourself, is a Book heavily embedded with Black Characters, there are White, Hispanic and Oriental. And I challenge you to rise above your own indecision and read the entire Book. It’s a read you do need. It will amaze and help fix what is broken in you.

And my son married an amazing black woman and they have a beautiful child. And I know that some already are angry with me for saying so. And so on…

I Retired working in Texas Prisons heavily embedded with both Black Offenders and Black Officers. And guess what? My Best Friends aren’t on a TV SHOW. They are all Black and Beautiful! And Hispanics!

And I know many cannot say that. You live in Fear of both Blacks and Hispanics. Or even Whites or Police Officers. But most people have a Fear or two.

But please allow yourself a moment to rise above yourself and find what you need to know. Let the Truth about Black People and Hispanics and Whites be known. And sure enough, it’s in the Book. So please try it, read all of it and you will grow ten feet tall if you do.

You’ll be a daisy if you do…