• In a hysterical moment of sheer Fear, NASA contacted the White House and President Trump was made aware of the Alarming News that possible SPACE JUNK or a Space Object ,whether, accidental or Deliberate, was going to possibly STRIKE the International Space Station which could DESTROY IT!
  • SO, Trump called Putin and told him of this dangerous situation.
  • Putin then Authorised the USE of a Russian Cargo Ship there to ignite an engine and move the Station out of the way of this calculated possible Destruction. RUSSIA SAVED THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION and got insignificant credit for its aid in the Media.
  • Almost No Credit was given to Anyone on what could have DESTROYED the International Space Station from Space Object or the Rocket Engine Igniting of the Russian Cargo Ship while fully attached. How very ODD. Hmm…
  • NASA says “an unknown piece of space debris” flew uncomfortably close the International Space Station on Tuesday.
  • The debris, which was predicted to zip past the ISS at 6:21 p.m. ET, would have come within 1.39 kilometers (0.86 mile) of the station.
  • However, mission controllers fired the engine of an attached Russian cargo spaceship to move the orbiting laboratory out of the way.

Could Crew Dragon launch on a moment’s notice and Save the Day as well? Elon Musk should be asked…