Are you Binge Reading? Well, here’s one you’ll never forget!

James, your book, A Panther’s Father, is extraordinary. I am not a young man any more, and I realize the things I was taught as a young boy, well, they weren’t always right. Frankly, I’m ashamed at how ignorant I was… Now, I wasn’t the worst kind nor the best kind of man in my time, but I’ve since found Jesus, and He has sure changed my heart. There I go again, but what I mean to say is, your book made me re-evaluate my whole existence. The stories you told. I felt like they were coming from my own grandparents. It’s like (Granny Z) saw into my Soul. She saw the ache I carry, for family, here and the ones that are gone. Z reminded me to love, not just myself, or others like me, but especially my neighbors, like like Jesus. She also reminded me to not be ashamed of my own ancestry, to proud up, if you will. There’s not many books that an individual will read that they can say changed their lives, and your book did that for me James. That’s all I wanted to say about that.

It’s a Pandemic! But it’s not the end of the World. And with all of that anxiety floating in your mind like an oversized bowling ball, you need help. And Binge Reading is a good way to disappear from all of your problems. But read what?

Try reading my books. The very 1st one will take you on a great journey and you will feel renewed before you end. A Panther’s Father is a very good Choice. So, spend a buck or get the paperback and read all of it. It’ll take a long minute, but you will truly feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you get to The End.

Read it, share it…for over a year, I gave the ebook away just to help get the word out that this book even existed.

But read it and do before I pass away and let me know how you liked it…thanks!

I’m currently waiting for the Book Cover Design being that is being created now by an exceptional Artist from Pakistan before I Release A Panther’s Father IV.