Living in Poverty Neighborhoods in Texas! Stinks! And most y’all don’t Care!

If you’re stuck in one like I am, you’re TRULY STUCK! And if you raise your hand high enough, they’ll see your skeleton bones, but they’ll never see “you” while you are Alive. And why? You so unwanted that it ain’t even funny!

Texas’s and America’s biggest Problems is that they deliberately let us rot. Let our poor neighborhoods R O T! And they don’t care to come see any of us unless they want to demolition our homes to put in pretty fancy ones for the Richer Folks. And they’ll kick us out and sell our residents for Profits.

And folks here are struggling to get their Electricity turned back on. We don’t have running water in some homes. No High-speed Fiber Cable ever got put in down here. Kids ain’t ever seen it except in school. For us, we left behind cause we are considered the Outcast. Undesirables. And we see giants like Microsoft doing wonderful things for Places with no Internet. But ain’t No Microsoft helped none of us.

We must be rotten folks and our school kids are mistreated because you know-they from a poor neighborhoods, so they must be bad too. They must be rotten.

Association of Displacement afforded to the Uppity Folks and Texas has a whole mess of them. They raise their heads high donating to things, but they never come see where that Money Never Got To! And none of that Tax Money gets used out here. We are the POOR. We are the stinky folks. We are the ones barely considered above livestock right here in Texas. Barely better than livestock like we Slaves. And we are of all colors of folks.

Texas is a proud state, but Proud if you play good Sports cause then they don’t care if you are from a poor neighborhood then. But try an get a LOAN and that neighborhood jumps right off the paperwork and goes straight to DENIED.

And you most likely live is a good place, good everything. But tons of us Texans are not living in a pretty place and Republicans have kept pushing our noses down below their muddy boots.

Wrong is wrong and Rich is Rich with Rich Privileges.

Have it their way always…I’m sick of Rich people show hosts telling America who to judge and HOW to judge other folks like us. Telling folks what they liked and don’t like. I don’t want to know what you likes. They so Uppity, it ain’t even funny. Your disliking is like Piss sent down from Heaven.