Forgiveness is a Luxury you Offer your Children in Church, Not the President of the United States…

Yes. I forgive as I have asked to be forgave. Yes, I have sinned. Yes, you have too although you might consider your deliberate negative things you’ve done as not being a Sin. Why? Simply put, when they ask you are you a Believer in a Dirty, you do my say-None! And I promise you, if you are ever in a Military Uniform under fire, you’ll quickly start to believe. You won’t then die a non-believer.

But your participation in any of the United States Armed Forces is highly unlikely because you are a member of a Family that has never had a member in any. And fewer are joining today than ever before spotlighting Military Duty one as being one JOB above a Prison Guard Job. And it’s what it is.

But Forgiveness? You want some? Now, sure, I’ll forgive you for a Sin and the Bible lays out 10 Commandments that are bad Sins. Bad Boys they are. But a Crime. A deliberate Crime is what I’m talking about. A Crime Most Foul. And when one is committed, a person must be held Liable. Must be Tried. And must be dished out Punishment.

And when they get away with something most foul, are you simply happy for them? You know, hey, good for them, they got away with one, good for them. Yeah!

But wait a second. What if the prosecutor doesn’t allow for additional Testimonials? The Deck is Rigged? The prosecutor shuts testimonies down while completely consumed with their self knowledge that He, their Man, is completely Innocent. Thus revealing a stoic, stance belief that cronyism is quite acceptable. But what this man did was way beyond cronyism. It was and it remains Unlawful and So Un-American! Not the America any of us were born into or immigrated to and taking the Oath of Allegiance becoming an American Citizen.

And I’ll never forget-I need you to do us a little favor. Man. I haven’t seen such Godfather Movie type rhetoric used until it was unleashed. And who the Heck says such Crap telling a Leader of another Country that he wants a Favor from them and then asks China for the same similar. And what favors?

Please, pretty please, on my knees, I beg of thee a little favor. And what Favor? I want you to give me Shit on my Political Opponent’s Family. Can you please help me? And if you don’t. You won’t, I’ll hold-up money you were already promised by Congress to help you defend yourselves against my little buddy-Russia. And if you over there, if you don’t, I’ll play the Tariff Game until it makes you crazy wild sick all you slant eyed people-whom he obviously detests. But why? Most Americans have a very Positive View China and of the Chinese. And we are not aligned with Trump’s Views on this and many other things.

But what does he Think-

Heck, I’m big and I am bad. I’m unlike all you never saw before unless you think of me for my true person-I am a BULLY! And you’ve never ran across them Bullies before, have you?

Biden Brushing Off Trump when Trump fell Asleep!

The Night the Capitol Did Not Sleep. And what night WAS that?



As one of the best Articles I have ever read about all of this-September 24, 2019, was the day that the deadliest poison mushroom emerged, but the sweeping subterranean organism had been hollowing out the government for three years. It was all one great creature made of greed and crime and psychological death juice, and now everybody could see how far and how deep it had spread. 

The corruption in the United States government was revealed to be a single foul organism…because all of the crimes and all of the sleaze are now part of the same massive, poisonous growth, an absolute unit of unprecedented corruption.

Therefore, today, I’m announcing the House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry. I’m directing our six committees to proceed with their investigations under that umbrella of impeachment inquiry. The president must be held accountable. No one is above the law.

And then, with the swiftest speed, a speed never seen before, the Man was found NOT GUILTY by the Senate with most Voting aligned with their Party completely ignoring all the Testimony that had been laid down before their feet. And unwilling to Listen to more.

And so many in America was happy that it was finally over. But the Hauntings, the Questions have not gone away. They only opened the door for Others.

President Trump was screaming with Euphoric Glee that he was Innocent. Fake news. A Witch Hunt. And every thing was suddenly greater than himself. Only to Unleash further Hateful Divisive Rhetoric upon the Heads of all Democrats! Calling them Rat-Faced Finks!

But Whoa! Hold-Up there Pardner! You ain’t convinced me of a thing. In my book, you are, you was GUILTY AS SIN! You always will be. And millions upon millions of my fellow Americans didn’t then and we don’t like now this taste of shit in our mouths caused by that one man and his Gang of Cutt-throats. It’s not the conduct of a President on the Up and Up. And it only showed me Conduct of a sleaze-bag willing and capable of doing anything, even saying that He Could Shoot Anyone on the Streets in NYC and get away with it Scott-Free!



I saw and hear TWEETS!


I saw wrong being done and it still hurts knowing needed money desperately needed by a Foreign Government locked in a War with Russia had Congress Approved Monies held-up at the Direction of Our President. How in God’s name could a person do that? Here in Texas, I find that a Hanging Offense. Yes, Sir. Yes, Ma’am. I do. And move back a hundred years and that’s how real Texans feel. We believe in equality and it pissed us off knowing we got snickered on.

But you believe what you want. And I’m very concerned about putting a person in as a Supreme Court Justice who refused to answer even the most simple of questions on simple things like Climate Change and does a Couple have the right to Contraception?

Do you realize money yes, Insurance Money for simple Contraceptive Procedures would be eliminated? By her being put in as a Supreme Court Justice?

And you say-No way. Well, we will see, won’t we? And what if it had been an American General that Trump withheld Supplies from during a War and says-I need you to do US a little favor?

But if you still believe Trump innocent and you love his Tweet War of his things he’s done and continues to do dividing this Country, then VOTE for him and I promise you this-

In four more years of Trump, America will be taken down the road into a Civil War. Yes, a Civil War! The man knows no other way than to be Himself and I cannot stand by and say He’s Okay.

I cannot, I will not eat Green Eggs and Ham.

But will you? And when Trump loses, what are you going to do if he says to his Followers-


And if you cannot, will not look at How Serious of a Problem all Of US have, you’ll never realize it. But for him to say-Stand By & Stand Back are Preparatory words, words meant for those who are willing to begin, if not already ready, preparing for Open Conflict for this One Man in Our Country.

And maybe you will eat Green Eggs and Ham. But I won’t.

But I was not born with a Gold Spoon in my mouth and his is still in his mouth. Were you?

So, you either see this or you still DON’T…but fools and their monies are easily separated.

And the biggest reason Republicans are unwilling to do a 2nd Stimulus Package is because they DO NOT want to see Government Money Spent on COBRA PAYMENTS for those whose Insurance will or has run out. I was shocked when I learned this.

It’s still OUR MONEY, OUR DEBT. We put in the Money, Politicians put in the Debt. DON’T WE GET A SAY IN HOW WE WANT OUR MONIES SPENT?

Democracy, live it, love it, and cherish it…

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