Letter to President Joseph R. Biden

Dear President Joseph R. Biden,

After your Inauguration, I Pray that you will not change. I do pray that you sincerely bring all Americans back together as one family. Over 140 Americans brought their Voices to the Table filled with emotions and now, you must put us back together as one single group of People, as Americans for America. With After 50 years of Service to America already, you know how many things are done, both good and bad, in Washington. And now, we, as AMERICANS, embrace you in both love and Respect. And I hope that you will bring our wonderful Country back from the brink of ill thoughts created by the previous Administration and those who had a Voice, yet, they did consciously chose not to use it in this as well. The past is now past. Only the Future matters!

Sir, you face a Media unlike any I’ve ever seen before. It can aid you and cripple you. Celebrate you and tarnish you. Podcasts can now do the same. With so many in the past Trump Organization chasing Book Deals, I know your Choices in your Cabinet is critical. And your Choices could be an immediate critical statement to begin the Great Job of Healing a wonder Nation of misgivings and hurt feelings. But remember this-

  1. Love all of us. And we will love you back.
  2. Treat all of us with the same Dignity and with Honor. And the same Equality.
  3. Halt Police Brutality by Criminal Sentences on all who will not Accept their Duty as Law Enforcement Officers to all of us, without exceptions and commit atrocities.
  4. Keep true to your Faith in GOD and attend Church when you can. Encourage your Staff to do this as well.
  5. Love both our Allies and our Enemies.
  6. Do not go into any “tit for tat” against the Republicans. Heal us. Show all that You are above the Rim always. Families were broken apart-heal them.
  7. Remove all of Trump’s Staff as they will hinder you. Except those who fought with Dignity.
  8. Keep all your Actions, words, and imaging above reproach. Never speak foul of anyone or anything no matter what you might think or want to say. Be above all that.
  9. Set-Up a Protestor Panel that includes Protestors who can share their Views of what is Upsetting Americans to bring true Peace in Our Streets.
  10. Ask all Militias to Cease and Desist.
  11. Never Retreat from your Duties.
  12. Never take to Twitter or LinkedIn or WordPress, or Instagram to Voice that which needs to be Stated by Voice.
  13. Create actual working relationships with Countries where We are Welcome.
  14. Hold-Up the Constitution and the Bible and your Faith in God always.
  15. Always do us rightly. Always tell the Truth.
  16. Relieve America of Cannabis Criminalizations. A great many Americans are unfairly being labeled Law Breakers for behavior accepted by the Majority of the U.S.
  17. Create a New Federal Panel to help make sure that there are No Innocent Individuals in Our Prisons and that Sentencing wasn’t bias or Racist. That all Sentences are Fair and not unjust or inappropriate.
  18. Renew Our Signed Treaties of good intent done in Good Faith with other Countries and abruptly debunked by the previous Administration.
  19. Actually Solve the Illegal Immigrant Citizenship Issue for all who have been here a good time and shown themselves as decent and working people and especially now those that have bore children here. These are only undocumented Americans-Document them as American Citizens And bring them out of their World of Secrecy, always fearing the next Knock on their Doors!
  20. Stop the killing of Civilians by Our Drones. You must authorize these things. Make sure you are always right and justified in all eyes.
  21. Don’t let Trump incite any Riots in Washington!

But mostly, do a good Job and Lead us into a beautiful Future of Democracy for all of us, everyone one of us.

Respectfully Yours,

James Brown

Aka the living breathing James Brown


U.S. Army Veteran

Author of A Panther’s Father Book Series