Are you on ZOOM or DUO or another way to show yourself to others? Are you doing the ZOOM KILL?


But what kicks me in the pants the MOST is when a WOMAN goes Overboard! Yes, Overboard! And this is the ZOOM KILL! And Guys do it too.

Showing Cleavage is not needed.

Showing your Cleavage is not necessary. When you got your hair done, your face done, earrings, fingernails done, rings on the fingers, nice clothes.

Then why the BEAST do you want to Belittle yourself by unleashing your CLEAVAGE too? And when someone you don’t wish to look at your Cleavage does. Why you gonna Verbalize an ugly remark to that person? You put out the Invitation to Look!

And now, you’re either Upset or Happy showing off your CLEAVAGE.

HEY! LOOK AT ME, I GOT CLEAVAGE! AND that means, hey you, Got Titties. You got Breast!

Who cares? Who cares other than you and the Pervert you tossed a look to? Might be a sicko taking a look! A Real Rapist! And all I am saying is this-Most women are great looking with all I mentioned without showing any CLEAVAGE. That’s all.

But some don’t get it. They dress up and then beat down anyone who looks at that Cleavage.

Cleavage ain’t all that!

So today. Be more Cautious of what you do show. Some Bears just coming out off their Caves are not the ones you want seeing your CLEAVAGE. They’ll start a Conversation at instantly dropping and going at it one the floor in a Wal-Mart. They’ll be Sex Driven Idiots and they don’t need to see any Cleavage.

So think smartly. Be classy and less sassy…don’t reveal what others might not ought to see. Keep your body private.

Yes, I know I’m a guy, but today, I see many women showing their CLEAVAGE on TV and I ask why? Is being on TV a mandatory CLEAVAGE Show?

And I’m seeing more and more Talk Show Hosts being Women and not men. Did they get the JOB by showing their CLEAVAGE? But what bothers me most is How incredibly STUPID some TV HOSTS are

By asking or saying awkwardly stupid things or asking stupid questions. These younger men do too on TV but they Look Pretty.

Looking Pretty is not what I want. Feed me the Information without any distractions and too much CLEAVAGE is an eyesore.

I want My Walter Cronkite. Where are they Today? Not on TV.