Eli Lilly and Johnson & Johnson have HALTED Covid Testing-Where’s the Transparency?

Okay, Billions are on the Line! And when you suddenly Halt or Pause the Testing of your COVID Vaccine work, and you HAVEN’T told us the WHY?

Man, talk about a Huge Lack of Transparency, well, it’s damn sure here now. And y’all came out proudly with your Letters of “We Promise to Do this Safely” and what? What now? What the Heck caused these STOPPAGES?

What Disease did your Vaccines CREATE? Folks, mNRA particles are highly unstable. That’s why they have to be kept at 80 degrees below ZERO!

But it’s not looking promising right now for sure. It’s suddenly backtracked into another COVERT OPERATION of Hidden Secrets. Being Open and telling us the REAL keeps it right and on the UP AND UP! But why jump back to Keep it Secret? Secrecy Now is completely UNACCEPTABLE! It’s OUR BILLIONS Trump gave y’all. Keeping Patient Information Private is fine. But WTH is the Illness these Vaccines are causing? Telling us that is not a Violation of Patient Privacy. You staying QUIET is a STOCKHOLDER MOVE! Are you telling Big Investors to BAIL, or keeping them from Bailing, and small ones taking a Big Hit?

And what an Insider Tip? You know who you’re going to give Billions to and you let all your Buddies know before the announcement. Who’s cheating who? Or who’s Helping Who?

But better get Ready. Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Holidays that we’ll all celebrate. But this one will have an eerily Overtone with them. When you meet and greet, and as you share this time, you’ll also be looking at a future empty seat at that same table next year.

All Families need to make a real effort to see each other. One hand says-No! Stay Away and Stay Safe! The other hand says-This might be my last time to see my Boo, so YES. I’LL be there.


And an exert-

In a statement, an N.I.H. spokeswoman said the trial, which had enrolled 326 Covid-19 patients, was paused when the independent safety board found that after five days of treatment, the group of patients who had received the antibodies showed a different “clinical status” than the group who had received a saline placebo — a difference that crossed a predetermined threshold for safety. The treatment group in this trial received 7 grams of antibodies — ten times the dose that Eli Lilly is planning to use for patients who are not hospitalized.

The N.I.H. statement did not specify the nature of the participants’ conditions. But the so-called stopping rules for the trial lay out the conditions for “futility” — the idea that a treatment has a very low chance of working, based on the data so far. A trial could also be halted if there is evidence that patients in one group are faring much worse than those in the other.


And an exert-

ACTIV-1 IM is a randomized, placebo-controlled trial that uses an adaptive master protocol. One of the hallmarks of master protocols is that they allow coordinated and efficient evaluation of multiple investigational agents as they become available. This enables maximum flexibility to swiftly weed out drugs that do not demonstrate effectiveness, identify those that do in a short time frame and rapidly incorporate additional experimental agents into the trial.

The ACTIV public-private partnership selected three agents for the study from a pool of over 130 immune modulators initially reviewed based on several factors, including their relevance to COVID-19, strong evidence for use against inflammatory reaction and cytokine storm and availability for large-scale clinical studies. The initial agents are infliximab (REMICADE), developed by Janssen Research & Development, LLC., one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson; abatacept (ORENCIA), developed by Bristol Myers Squibb; and Cenicriviroc (CVC), an investigational late-stage agent developed by AbbVie.

All participants in the trial will receive remdesivir, which is the current standard of care treatment of hospitalized patients with COVID-19. Convalescent plasma and dexamethasone will be allowed at the discretion of the site investigator and in accordance with national guidelines. They will be randomly assigned to receive a placebo or one of the immune modulators as an add-on treatment. The trial will study the different combination treatment regimens with respect to illness severity, recovery speed, mortality and hospital resource utilization. 

Enrollment is now open, and the trial is expected to last approximately six months. Results will be available shortly after the trial is completed, or possibly sooner if analysis conducted during the trial indicates that one or more of the drugs is beneficial. To ensure that the trial is being conducted in a safe and effective manner, an independent data and safety monitoring board will oversee the trial and conduct periodic reviews of the accumulating data.

But a ton of research is being conducted in a short period of time. And all of us are wanting the Silver Bullet to kill COVID. But when might it come? I’m thinking 2025 or 2030. Won’t be 2020 or 2021.

Money will be gone…and this is the biggest killer on research.

If Cancer had been attacked like this, we’d have Cancer Cures. But can we jump on Cancer next after COVID with all Big Pharmas sharing DATA and get Cancer Stopped too?

But dang, the opportunities to Scam us is also available. And sure, we are going to get beaten by some. And like so much of all of this is just WAIT AND SEE. And we will.

Everyday, I look up DATA on Severe and ADVERSE Effects by any of these Vaccines. Especially when a HALT OR PAUSE has been taken because of an “abundance of…”.