Black Americans are Strategically being Targeted for Eviction during these Days of COVID-19…

While one example after another of attacks on the very dignified that the Greater number of Americans take for granted, Black Americans are being targeted for Evictions! Yes, they appear to be saying 40 million Evictions are in the pipeline. But twice as many are being designed against a Black individual than a White person.

Right? Jim Crow? But it goes deeper than that. It goes back to Apartheid in South Africa where billions of Dollars on Krugerans were dished out to wealthy White Americans. Yes, they were asked to join an Elitists Group that got to enjoy their Investment Riches asking each that they were all willing to Overlook the BLACK Slave Labor being used to mine this Gold. Same with the Mining of Diamonds. And they OVERLOOKED, but as they did this, Nelson Mandella came in and crushed their Crushing and denigrating the BLACK Culture in South Africa. Open in the Streets Killing of Blacks by White Officers was quickly reversed by The right man. And Nelson Mandela was that right man. And as White Supremacist Ruled in South Africa, American Rich felt completely justified in crushing the Black Community here.

And the American Rich with their Black Jockey Statues lining up their driveways like an Open Notice of White Supremacy. IT WAS A NOTICE to all Blacks to Stay Away!