Won’t NEVER be like it was…but it won’t be much worse for 50 more years, then, it will be damn Bad.

2025, the World will have medications that will prevent a Covid Death once infected. And things will come back to a sense of what it was, but America’s Soul will be crying.

And you may laugh, but Trump will be in Prison before 2030? But not one here in America. Not only will this Law Breaker be tried here in America with no Jail Time, but he will be charged, extradited, Tried, and put in a Foreign Prison. All before the End of 2030. And this brings a very precarious question-Will his Presidential Security Detail go to Prison with him? Wth?

And I know, I too thought this a Joke, but it appears the Foreign Arms are already formulating a plan to retrieve Trump for Trial in their Country. And one may even charge him with Murdering their Citizens. And again, until I began reading stuff on the Web, I had never given it much thought about a Powerful American being extradited and Tried in another Country. And which one? One that served what to their Prisoners?

The thought of Trump going to Prison in another Country is scary. If he is put in Prison, then anyone of us could too. But only if we broke their Laws. And did he?

Heck, who knows…it’s what I’m hearing from others. It’s what people are saying…


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